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  1. L

    How am I doing?

    This here is my first post so i'd like to start off by saying hello fellow growers! Okay guys/gals i'm after my first real harvest... I budded before just to see if I could do it and I did! Unfortunately I harvested much too early and didn't use any nutrients (just rich soil from my backyard...
  2. I

    First grow browning & yellowing please help

    Hi guys! This is my first grow and I am having trouble getting a handle on some issues with my Crop King Purple Kush. Here is some background: I started this seed off in 50/50 coco/perlite (thoroughly rinsed and PH'd to 6.5) in a space bucket in early January. The bucket had 5, 23W...
  3. J

    Deficiency? Should I flush?

    Hey guys it did look worse yesterday but i dont think ots a light issue so i think i should flush my soil. What temp should the water be at when i do?
  4. M

    Room temp 30° plus

    Any ideas to lower it
  5. dauzer

    Help setting up the SuperPro AC 1 from Superpro Hydroponics

    Hey guys, Iv bought one of the Superpro AC 1 Atmosphere Controllers. I needed something to control a dehumidifier and a cooling device. Now im not sure if i bought the right controller. I have a Gekko box fan with a Y piece that is extracting hot air from the lamps and pulling air through a...
  6. WillGrow510

    Auto Purple Haze Fem In Coco With 350W CFL & Advanced Nutes

    Okay. Here we go with Grow Journal #2 in tandem with Grow Journal #1. What strain is it? Auto Purple Haze Fem Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid. What percentages? ?? Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Just cracked Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Coco with 30% pearlite Size of...
  7. Scrogdawg

    PH dropping in my RDWC system - Help please

    I copied this from an earlier post in another thread. This on a 2 plant RDWC system. I added Ca/Mg (CaliMagic) for the first time at 25% the bottle rating and that alone shot my TDS up by 100ppm, wasn't really expecting that. Also mixed my Flora series nutrients 10% heavier than in the past so...
  8. K

    Grow room heater and climate control system for small grows

    Hey all Usually I'm asking the questions but I now actually have something to share. I'm growing in an outside shed with no heat which is fine when my lights are on but freezing cold if not. I picked up a couple items last week that work great so I thought I'd share. New air 400 watt space...
  9. C

    1st Grow - Collective's Coco Gorilla Glue Indoor Grow Journal

    1st time growing Gorilla Glue coco 1 gallon fox farm soil feeding schedule every other day half strength foliar spray voodoo juice and magical ever day after light go off 1200 watt led mars hydro 17 hours on the rest off 82-85 f light on temp 70-74 f lights off temp 4x4 grow tent ph...
  10. M

    DMC Norther Lights Auto 29 Days In Any Ideas/Advice

    Crop King Norther Lights Auto DWC 300w LED General Hydroponics 5 Gallon 2x2x4 tent Single Plant Temps in room highs 75 lowest temp 61 Low Humidity around 20% Res Temps 68-72 No bugs ppms 600 mix is 3 parts micro,bloom,grow to 5 gallon water (1 part is teaspoon) 2 parts GH Cal Mag PH was...
  11. coralman

    Temp and humidity relationship

    Am i right in thinking if i raise the humidity in my tent it will lower the temp? Was currently at 22-25 degrees with 50-60% rh in a 5x5 on 750watts dual spectrum, i have knocked it up to 1000watts and now im gettin 27-31degrees with 30-37%rh
  12. T

    9 Days In First Indoor Grow

    closet i built is 33x44 by 6 f have a hole in bottom in one in top i have 4 autos northen lights big bag and wight widow lighting 1 300w marshydro and a 300w kingplus ufo 4 cfl temp 77 hum is 44 50 soil is argo g6 it is like promix 5gal puckets
  13. T

    Hello all - Need some help

    ok my room is 33x44 6ftall plants are doing good put i noticed today that the leaves a curling up the temp in the room was 85 and humitaty was 55 it is now 51 and the temp is 77 i did not have my top vent fan off it is now on have not waterd soaked pots day before planting planted in argo g6...
  14. T

    My first indoor grow

    lights 300 watt mars hydro and a 300 ufo king plus my room i built is 30 x 44 6 feet tall i have four plants in there is that ok temp sitting around 75 . can i use 20 20 20 for the growing stage they are autos and i got 15 30 15 for flowering
  15. N

    Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong with my plants?

    I'm currently running a flood drain system, feeding them flora grow. Room temp 77, 62.1 Rh, water ph 6.0. Still in vegetation.
  16. R

    Made butter & have a few questions

    I have no idea how the butter did not come out perfect as I babysat the process for 6hrs. Stiring every 20min or sooner. The heat was on ultra low (cooked in a small pot) the whole time besides one point (described later)The color was very dark but heard that does not matter as potent butter can...
  17. W

    Sick plant please help

    i am new to dwc and a few of my plants are not looking 100% they are auto and about 3 weeks into flower. can anyone tell me whats wrong... room temp stays between 75-79 water temp 65-70..i know its a lil warm but until i can afford a chiller is the best i can do
  18. S

    RDWC first try - Beautiful results!

    This is my first time with RDWC and it's so lush and quick to grow. This is under 212 watts of cfls 5 inches away. Using calmag 8ml, gh bloom 10ml, gh micro 6ml, and liquid koolbloom 8ml. 1150 ppm and 5.7ph, 65f res temp. 85f cab temp. Whatcha guys think? This was LST'd to the max, but I...
  19. S

    Leaf taco - Warping?

    Hi, i am a first time grower and i have some issues with the leafs but i cant resolve the problem. My set up consists of the following: 5" INTAKE FAN 5" EXHAUST FAN OSCILLATING TOWER FAN AIR CIRCULATING FAN 400W MH VEG BULB SUSPENDED ABOUT 60CM (2FT) ABOVE PLANTS ROOT NURSE 8L FABRIC...
  20. PTSDgrower

    PTSDgrower's Grow Room Of Freedom

    Strains: (3) black diamond og kush 100% indica and (1) haole 50/50 4 plants to fill a 4'x4' scrog Medium: water chilled RWDC Lighting: Aircooled 1000 watt DE Room temp: 78 F Humidiy: 50-65% Water temp: 64 F Have been in veg for about a month and a half Started with GH 3 part, switched to house...
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