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  1. A

    First time grower

    What is best outdoor or indoor? What are the best outdoor seeds to grow?
  2. Preachforcure

    Crazy! Humidity and Temp Question

    OK so i'm trying to figure out where do I place my temperature and humidity sensor to check the Temp and Humidity in my grow closet.... I'm running a 600 watt LED and I have a 6" exhaust fan on low on high its rated at 450cfm but the grow closet total cubic footage is 6*3*2=36 cubic ft. 1.) If...
  3. JollyPotta

    Temp help please!

    Hi guys, This is my first grow and I've set up my tent and am good to go! Kind of.... I practise ran my tent today and I'm getting upto 35C temps in my tent with the 4inch fan and filter! I feel this is way too hot! Should I think about purchasing a better extraction fan before my pups enter...
  4. A

    What is my plant's problem?

    all is 1 month lamp is cfl 200 with 11500 lumen room is 70cm X 170cm X 160cm light is 18/ dark is 6 without co2: humanity is 55~65 and temp is 25.2~28 some day i run co2 and: humanity is 40 ~58 temp is 30~34 at night humanity is 60~65 temp is 19~22
  5. Colesdad

    Temp controlled hand held vaporizer?

    First, in a rookie, so this may be a weird question. I know there is a table top version of the volcano that allows you to adjust temp. It's there a hand held, portable version of something similar? My friend tells me vape pen, the liquid refillable type, can be adjusted for the heat/impact of a...
  6. G

    Stripes on Leaves

    Any idea what these stripes could be caused by? Plants are 2 weeks from harvest. Plants are indoor hyponics Ph:5.5 PPM 600 water temp 70 F Room Temp 75 F Humidity 50 % Using 2 700w Mars LEDs 18" above plants Lighting 12 on / 12 off Help is greatly appreciated.
  7. N

    First timer

    put into 12/12 27 days ago 2x2x4 closet with 4 23w cfl warm scale bulbs. very hard to keep daytime temp under 90 humidity runs around 40-60% bag seed
  8. S

    Grow Room Temp Question

    What is the optimin room temp during the day and night? I have the day temp at 72 and night at 60? Is the night temp too low?
  9. M

    Yet another res temp question!

    Is it just as important to keep low res temps when running a beneficial res as opposed to a sterile res? i understand that at 68F+ all sorts of nasties can start breeding in the res. But if using bennies then surly they have an optimal breeding temp too..
  10. 4

    Closet Grow - 90W LED

    unknown strain It is in Veg Started 4 weeks ago from seed. Indoor Soil - some peat mix. pot size is 10 inch wide & deep. Size of light 90 w led 30x3w. Temp of cab is 27. watering once a day with fertilizer and spray twice. plant is realy short and bushy any suggestions?
  11. M

    Heat issues 3x3 with LED and exhaust

    Hi guys, Second post here so please excuse me if I forget anything! I have a 3x3 gorilla grow tent with 5 ladies currently in hydro in 5 buckets. In the near future I will only have 4 because of space. I used to run a 125Watt bulb and just changed to a new LED light. Details: Currently in...
  12. P

    Maintaining ideal tent temps in the dark period

    Hey, I have a quick question regarding temp. maintenance. I have a 2ftx2ft tent, with a mars hydro 300w LED light setup. I am wondering if the small fan heater that i have connected to temp switch will be fine to maintain temps in the dark period of my 12/12 photoperiod ? My issue is due to...
  13. B

    Please help

    Hi, My top leaves like on this one on photo. Plant is 15 day in flowering state. PH medium 6.0. temp 24.. all is ok.. what happen??:(
  14. B

    New member and new grower needing advice!

    6.5 ph 653 ppm 3tps Dyna-grow Water temp 72 Just recently started my first grow DWC 900w LED 5 gAllon bucket. 6.5 ph 653 ppm 3tps Dyna-grow Water temp 72 Today is day 6 from seed its standing nice and tall with 4 small leaves. 2 of which today have turned yellow and im not sure as to why...
  15. M

    What do the colors mean on the temp strip exactly?

    Been testing today with my real p. Having another person go for me later so temp is key. I have it with a pad tucked. After about 25 minutes 98 is brown and 96 green and 94 blue. What does that mean? So what is the temp>?
  16. K

    Passive Air Day/Night Temp Control System - Is this something anybody would want?

    Hello, A buddy of mine is growing and he wants a system that could control the day and night temperature in his grow room using his passive air system. I designed a system using a timer for day and night and two very precise temperature controllers (one set to ~76F during the day the other set...
  17. M

    Room temp problems

    alright ya'll need ta pick yer brains.... my first grow I ran one 1000w hps and with ventilation room ran 80-85 degrees. (perfect) this time I am running two 1000w (mh for veg) and it ran temps up to 95... I upgraded air flow in-out and added 2 fans just too move air around. still...
  18. iSmokes

    600W HID exhaust issue

    I'm currently using a cfl/led combo for my grow, and it's working like a charm so far. For my next grow, however, I was thinking about switching to HID's. Going with a standard AC reflector connected to a carbon filter on one end and 450 CFM inline exhaust pulling on the other end and pushing...
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