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  1. TorturedSoul

    Cold Weather Strains?

    I thought of this one whilst posting in one of SweetSue's threads earlier. I realized it would be very helpful to a lot of us if we had some sort of reference as to which strains would thrive - or at least survive from seed to harvest :rolleyes3 - at colder temperatures. And I'm not talking...
  2. N

    Best strains for hot temperatures

    Hello there. 1.st of all I apologise if some thread allready exist (I was unable to find it). Im new in this business. I have problems with high temperatures in my grow tent. The temperature goes over 86F (30°C)over the day even if i open all the bottom air strips. 1.st ... If i put a small...
  3. H

    Freezing temperatures - What to do?

    The temperatures are supposed to be -2c tonight. What should I do with my plants if anything? They're not ready to harvest yet but the temps are scaring me! Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. 4

    Need some help: CFL, upgrade to CMH, MH or LED?

    I'm in the middle of my first grow. I'm growing in a DIY box with CFL bulbs, because I read that those ran the coolest. My box only measures 48"H x 37"W x 22"D, and is lined with mylar on all 3 sides plus the 2 doors, so it's just under 23 cubic feet. I had been under the impression that a...
  5. F

    Heating Mat for Colder Outdoors Temps at Night? For Greenhouse

    Although I am living in Spain, right now IT DOES get chilly very early in the morning, at times down to 7C (45F) for a few hours or so. Noon again goes up to 18/19/20C (68F) again. I am growing in a greenhouse on the balcony and now I am considering some way to heat the green house, at least in...
  6. M

    Ducting for Indoor Central AC Help!

    Ok so again I am a brand new member to 420 and a First time grower. I'm learning so much and i am absolutely in love with the entire processes that I'm going through on this grow journey. SO I live in a 2 bedroom duplex that had a back patio, but this was closed in and made into a 3rd room. It...
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