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    Girl Scout Cookies & White Walker Kush Cloning Question

    I am trying to clone girl scout cookies and white walker kush and having a heck of a time rooting them. I have been using the cloning gel, would it be best to use the powder or double dip them? temps are around 68-72 degrees and 18 hours of light. if anyone has grown these can help let me know...
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    What's in your grow box?

    I'm looking to compare and contrast set ups in this thread, as I am fairly new to this game. I'm currently running 2-65 wat 3500k, 4-23 watt 2700k in my flower box, with 2- 4 inch fans, one pulling one pushing. And a temp/humidy gauge... 1-3 plants avg. VEG Box: 4-23 watt 6500k bulbs, 4...