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  1. M

    Please Help

    Is my Blueberry Autoflower ready yet. It has been 12 weeks from seeds. Ffof soil Florabloom, seaweed extract, and molasses Mars hydro 300 Temps 70-78 day 68-72 night
  2. S

    Temps during first 3 weeks of flowering?

    Hey guys! Read a few conflicting ideas on this but what's the best night at day time temps during first 3 weeks of flowering? Some say keep it's quite close together to stop streatxh and others say keep between 5-10 of a difference? Any help appreciated :)
  3. Slinks

    Advanced Lighting & Heat Questions

    Yo yo, I was told that measuring the temperature of your grow directly in the light doesn't give a true reading so now I always measure on the edge of a shadey spot. However I have no real ideas if this is even true and if it is does anyone know why? As the leaves and buds are directly in...
  4. K

    8 Unknown 1 GG#4

    Seedlings grown indoor from germination under a 400W MH bulb connected to an 400cfm exhaust fan. Intake 140cfm fan Temps range from 84°-91°F / Humidity drops to a low 21% and high 40ish 5, 10 day old seedlings, 1 dwarf plant ( 8 weeks old) Both "Lady" and the "GG#4" outdoor grow...
  5. K

    Suite leaf products

    hello, has anyone been using the suite leaf products? i'm interested to hear your experiences vs. using synthetic nutrients. i'm using waterfarms modded for dwc. i was going to use a chiller but the manufacturer says to use room temps. trying to avoid root rot at the higher temps. thanks, kenaan
  6. M

    MrThornton's White Widow Soil LED Grow - 1st Photoperiod Grow!

    So I am on my third grow now, and decided (since the grow journals here were (and are) invaluable to my learning experience) I would try to do a grow journal of my first attempt at White Widow AND my first time attempting a photoperiod plant My previous two grows were both Northern Lights...
  7. 1

    Twisted leaves

    Hello! I have a 27 days old autoflowering northern lights (my first grow) and the new leaves are twisted. Lights are : 4 x 23w cfl and 2 x 30w led . temps are betwin 25-27 C. Also i noticed that the newest node has only 1 branch.
  8. coralman

    750w 5x5

    So im growing in a 5x5 tent with 1000w dimmable 6" rhino fan running on full speed vented through chimney. On 1000w my temps are hitting 30-31c (87f), if flicked down to 750w my temps stay perfect around 25-27c so do you think the 750w with good temps will be more efficient than running 1000w...
  9. cnile

    Different hydroponic methods

    i dont know much about any. what are the reasons you guys have learned to pick one over the other. what does each system demand: ie: stable temps, cold temps, warm temps, constant monitoring or whatever each method needs focus on. im assuming pick the system that fits my place best so im...
  10. dc534

    Help! One of my Ladies is burning up!

    I believe it to be nute burn or lockout. What happened was I overfed her double the amount she was supposed to get. When I was reading the chart I read the nute amount for a recirculating system and fed that to her. I am running a non-recirculating DWC system. I think what happened was that...
  11. P

    Help - Freezing temps

    hey everyone ..on my second grow and was going great until last night sometime power went out and shut my heater down and temps reached -5 C... ..was a sad sight for sure ...not sure how long they were under freezing but guessing 4 - 5 hrs ...girls all wilted some branches folded in half ...i...
  12. M

    DMC Norther Lights Auto 29 Days In Any Ideas/Advice

    Crop King Norther Lights Auto DWC 300w LED General Hydroponics 5 Gallon 2x2x4 tent Single Plant Temps in room highs 75 lowest temp 61 Low Humidity around 20% Res Temps 68-72 No bugs ppms 600 mix is 3 parts micro,bloom,grow to 5 gallon water (1 part is teaspoon) 2 parts GH Cal Mag PH was...
  13. I

    Overwatered & Cal/Mag deficiency?

    3 week old Bianca. HF Potting soil with additional 30% MG Perlite. LED 19" away. 18/6. Container is 6" wide. Temps 73-77 degrees with 35% RH. Opinions? I'm thinking Cal/Mag deficiency along with some over watering.
  14. Billygroat

    Temps - Newbie grower

    I would. Love someone on on Temps and humidity and tricks to keep them both at a even rate. My little grow room is reading 81-81 and the humidity is reading 61
  15. C

    70-100 watt HPS as supplemental lighting

    Happy Tuesday 420, I recently made an upgrade to my grow with a Mars 600 LED panel, I'm looking to make my lighting much more efficient. This panel only draws 272 watts from wall. The LED replaced a 12 bulb CFL fixture which did well to get my plant to mid-flower, heavy supplemental lighting...
  16. B

    Max Temps during flowering

    I am going into my 2nd wk of flowering, some nice looking bag seed ladies, their in a 4'x4'x7' tent, lighting done by a 2'x2' glassed hood with a 600w hps bulb, ventilation is carried out by a 6" exhaust fan. My humidity is running around 48%-51% but my temp is running a constant 86-88 degrees...
  17. F

    First time growing - Outdoor harvest check

    Let me start by saying this is my first time growing and it was completely by accident. I noticed two plants growing off my patio (where i pitch any seeds that I find) So I potted them. Flowering began first week of september, Its now mid october (about 7 weeks total). This is what they look...
  18. O

    Leaving tent open

    Sup 420 Just wanted some input on this just to see how some growers grow and the end result. Even though the weather is starting to break and temps are a little lower, I still have heat issues with keeping my tent close. When tent is close, temps can reach 93°- 95°f. When the tent is open...
  19. H

    Freezing temperatures - What to do?

    The temperatures are supposed to be -2c tonight. What should I do with my plants if anything? They're not ready to harvest yet but the temps are scaring me! Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  20. M

    Black Bud Tips

    Any info on black material at the tips of buds? Looks to be the outside of some calyx... the temps at night are dropping to 5C or 40F
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