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  1. Ron Strider

    UK: Cannabis Inhaler Could Help Send Brits With Insomnia To Sleep In Ten Minutes

    Puffing on a cannabis inhaler could help millions of Brits with insomnia doze off in minutes. The new hand-held gadget squirts a small dose of the drug into the lungs. Tests show a single toke at bedtime can trigger sleep in as little as ten minutes. Researchers found users doze deeply...
  2. I

    Ten Panel Drug Test

    Hey everyone. My question is - should I worry about passing a ten panel drug test if I have NOT used any illegal drugs but took on nyquil tablet Sunday night, one dayquil table mid morning on Monday, and took Theraflu (mixture you add water to and drink) on Monday night around 11pm? Also, since...
  3. S

    Nutrient floating in a ten gallon fish tank no fish?

    eep water culture? Well hello forum . I need to ask some questions pick some brains if you will .what i would like to do is take part of a closet and grow . What i would like to do is grow in a ten gallon fish tank with floating Styrofoam .. Does this work for cannabis ? Will this just be prone...