1. D

    How to arrange & section off a 5.6 ft x 6.49 ft - 1730 x1980mm

    Hey fellow cultivators, i have a space that's 5.6ft (1730mm) x 6.49 (1980) Currently have a single 80x80 (0.26 ft x 0.26 ft) square tent where i have a 3 plant DWC recagular container. Inside the tent is a fan, extraction filter and light. The room with the tent inside still has some room...
  2. H

    CFM fans and tents

    Hello everyone I'm struggling to get my head round how much air, and how often needs to be extracted from the tent That i have on ordered Please could someone link me the forum post or be kind enough To explain the equation to me. Tent dim are 240x120x200 I think my fan is 175m3/he ...
  3. ConstantGreen

    How much clearance for Window AC?

    I want to build a sealed 8x8 foot room with 3 tents and a window AC. But the tents would almost completely cover the window, there would only be a few inches gap between the face of the AC and the tent wall. Would this limit the AC's ability to cool the 8x8 room? example diagram: I...
  4. ConstantGreen

    How much inside clearance for window AC?

    I'm planning a sealed 8x8' room build with 3 tents. I want to use a window AC but the tents will block the majority of the face of the window. There would be about a 4" gap between the face of the AC and the tent wall, but air will be able to flow up or to one side around the tent. There will be...
  5. B

    Need design help and expertise for growing setup

    I will be allowed to grow up to 15 plants once the Federal Canadian government approves my license. I have about 3 months to figure out the design, get it all setup and functioning and then I can start popping some beans. I dont have an unlimited budget. Let's call it $1500. The location...
  6. P

    Grow Tents in Canada

    Hi, (First time post) I live in Canada (I have a medical marijuana license for Crohn's disease) and am having trouble finding a decent grow tent. A web site I am reading recommends " Apollo Horticulture 48"x24"x60" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing". After some research...
  7. I

    Help with a couple questions on a perpetual setup

    First, does it make more sense to run 2 separate flower tents, or 1 big one? Pros and cons? Second, whether it be 2 flower tents or 1, one tent cannot be vented outside. So if 1 big tent is used the scrubber has to be able to scrub the entire tent with 12+ good sized plants. So I need a...
  8. G

    Any thoughts?

    I am running two tents currently. A 32*32*63 with a 250w 2100k cfl and a 32*48*60 with a mars 300 led and 184w mixed spectrum CFLs. I want to free up the lighting from one of these tents. Should I replace the 250w cfl with 150watt hps, or switch out my led/cfl setup for a 4ft 4tube t5 ho. Strain...
  9. G

    Abandoned Perpetual Grow - 2 Tents - 400W MH - 1000W HPS

    Pic coming soon
  10. D

    Looking for tips on lighting requirements and tent sizes

    Hey guys, I'm looking to do a low hassle build out here to grow the following seed strains Purchased strains: G13 Haze Bubblegum Sour Diesel possible others (free seeds, not sure which I got yet): THC Snow, White Widow Max, Strawberry Cough I'd like to have a continuous supply for personal...
  11. B

    Filter box design - Input needed

    i got this idea for a filter box for my tents and i needed absolutely no smell and be able to vent multiple tents at once, so I got this idea for using a e26 uvc germicidal cfl bulb. i made a very rough model in Google sketch up. the idea was the lamps would pre-filter before passing though the...
  12. Ripples

    Marshydro Reflector96 LED?

    Amazon has them on sale... 2 for 390$... Was thinking of trying for one of my veg tents... 4x4x7 was going to put both units in this tent and use for veg only... Anybody have this set up? I have 2 other tents set-up for my flower so again this is strictly for veg...
  13. P

    Is it ok to keep your tent door open when lights are on?

    Is it ok to leave your grow tent's front doors open when you have your lights on ? I have 30x18x36 w/d/h my tents temperatures with my tent all zipped up is from 82f to 85f with my tent doors open my temperatures is 80f to 83f is there any benefit to keeping the tent doors closed ? And do thoes...
  14. B

    Earth Worth Grow Tent?

    Does anyone have any experience using grow tents by "Earth Worth'? I have a grow room but need to have a separate space so I can veg & flower at the same time. Thanks! :peace:
  15. pac-mon

    Coming out the closet

    hi guys 1st off just wanting to say hi. iv been sniffing about your most awesome site for a few weeks n feel it's time to join your ranks. iv ran 3 closet grows and had respectful results considering used bagseeds,basic superstore soil,no nutes n a 200w cfl veg light for the full grow but now...
  16. E

    Hydrohut or similar tent?- any comments or experience with

    Hi all, love the site! And you guys and gals really know your shit. :slide::439: I was considering picking up a Hydrohut and was wondering if anyone had any experience with, and maybe some pros / cons. It makes sense for me :smokin: I wanted to expand a bit ( not at home, this place would be...
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