1. LSDHedgehog

    Completed Very Late Southern Hemisphere Terrace Grow From Bagseed - Complete N00b

    With some of the recent developments regarding marijuana cultivation here in SA, I decided to put some beans in some damp toilet paper to see where it goes... Now since then I've been reading up SIGNIFICANTLY more, and have been lurking on various forums (which led me here - awesome vibe, btw)...
  2. B

    Abandoned Barney's Farm Critical Kush Feminised 2017

    germinated using paper towel, planted seedling a day later (tap root appeared) directly in 10*10inch pot. (final pot) Currently on day 22 since planting the seedling. Plant is 4.3 inches tall, newest set of leaves have 7 fingers, developing it's 6th set of true leaves. Will post picture...
  3. Katelyn Baker

    Temple Terrace Should Mellow Out On Marijuana Float

    Oh, we got trouble right here in Temple Terrace. Trouble, trouble, trouble. It seems the city mandarins of Temple Terrace have gotten themselves into a full froth, or perhaps fume is a better word, over one of the floats in the village's Fourth of July parade. There on full display for...
  4. X

    Lighting advice for a balcony grow

    Hi All, I am planning to start my grow in an apartment balcony at 19th floor. The plan is to start with 3 seeds of lemon haze (50% hybrid). I get direct sunlight in 7 in morning till 3 in the afternoon and the temperature around is in range 15-25 deg C. I want to know if I require...
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