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  1. Woodpipe

    Exercise Causes THC Levels To Spike

    - Source: Drug Testing Gets Harder: Exercise Causes THC Levels To Spike - Leaf Science
  2. C

    Employment Urine Testing

    I have found the perfect product for patients! Its the Peepack Medical Grade Apparatus with the Human Resemblance Formula 4.0 Sterile Lab Urine. The hardest aspect of this little adventure for me has been concealing a bottle of urine on me and maintaining proper temperature. The Peepack not...
  3. C

    I Got Clean without all the hype, you can too!

    I got laid off in July, been on the job hunt for the whole time. Stupidly, did not quit even though a few places I applied to said they tested. I only take two or three tokes a night, not as heavy a smoker as I was when I was younger. But I had definitely increased my intake while I was out...
  4. M

    Unique situation for drug test. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

    First, hello. This is my first post. Great site!! I'll get right to it.... I have a drug test coming up. I will know about 2 hours before I have to give it. First problem, the specimine has to test positive for 1 kind of drug, but negative for MJ. I have this problem solved. So I...
  5. B

    Home Drug Testing

    Hello all, Recently, my parents have discovered that I smoke. Although they think I am a every once in a while guy, I'm more of a 5 times a week guy and heavier on the weekends (2 grams per day); nevertheless, they decided they'd tell me that they will drug test me randomly. I know they are...
  6. B

    3 weeks to get clean

    N2, I have smoked a total of six times over a period of two weeks starting in October (last month) and the last day being the 3rd of this month, all adding up to a approx. total of 3 grams smoked total. The only times that I have smoked before those two weeks was the month before that, I smoked...
  7. S

    Hello 420 community from Sequoia Analytical Labs, Sacto CA

    Our mission is to provide accurate and reliable information, through testing, for patients using medical cannabis in all its forms. .: Sequoia Analytical Labs :..
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