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tga genetics

  1. Bchris22

    Bchris22 Multiple Tent Scrog

    Whats up Mag?? Its been a long time. Once some years back I started a newbie thread and then abandoned it. That guy!! Well I decided to give it another crack. I might have quit on the journal, but not on growing. When I first started out in 2014 I started with DocBuds kit and then I moved...
  2. D

    Cali Connection "Original Sour Diesel" Single Site DIY DWC Grow

    Hey everyone! After a long shutdown due to a couple of lil' monkeys that came into my life, I'm finally able to concentrate and have enough time to devote to growing my own meds again. Thank Jebus I am so sick of buying sub-quality street weed and being charged premium prices for anything that...
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