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  1. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Seeds Updates 7th November 2018

    Back in Stock - You can see the full list on Herbies Back in Stock Page Spliff Seeds White Widow Regs Samsara Spicy White Devil Fems Breaking Buds Brownie Auto Fems Seedism King Kush Fems Lady Sativa Genetics English OG Regs Reserva Privada Tangie Regs (Cup Winner) Dutch Passion Auto Critical...
  2. S

    Sir Blunt's - TH Seeds - Organic Soil - Darkstar - Burmese Kush - Sage n' Sour

    Strains- Darkstar (fem), Burmese Kush(fem), Sage n' Sour(fem), also a potential g13xhaze(reg) All from seed Final Bucket size- 3.75 gal Medium- organic soil blend: 1/3 each of composted alpaca manure, peat moss and perlite. Nutrients & amendments- Espoma tomato tone and kelp meal...
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