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  1. Rider509

    Rider509: Two Thais & G13

    Thus it begins. I don't smoke, and yet I grow. Go figure. For me it's all about the toys, the process, and the challenge. Growing makes me happy. All of the meds that I grow are for my brother that has both Lupus and Polycythemia Vera. Poor fucker. :) Was going to do a grow of a proprietary...
  2. J

    Zamaldelica & Friends

    Hello 420Mag Family!!!, It about that time of year again. My MEDS are running low, and its time for a re-stock... This time, I'm going with the following: 1. ACE Zamaldelica (fem) - almost 1 month veg. 2. Ace Tikal (fem) - Threw this in last minute. About 1 week old. 3. (Purple Clouds)...
  3. Scrogdawg

    Scrogdawg Does 3 Strains Under 800 Watts - Could Be A Trainwreck

    Thanks everyone for taking time to check out my second grow journal. Below a list of my setup and a few pictures to illustrate where I'm at. Early Days I set 1 White Widow Feminized, 3 Mama Thai x Thai Stick Regular and 2 G-Thirteen Regular seeds in paper towel to germinate on Mar. 11th...
  4. Weaselcracker

    Weasel Forges Ahead

    Same old brick wall. Same old head. Get it? I continue to beat my head against the wall in my heroics efforts to forge a bright future in which I learn to grow dope better, for the purpose of entertainment, education, and more dope. This is an ongoing perpetual grow journal and generally...
  5. WillGrow510

    1st Grow Thai Stick CFL & LED 340 Real Watts Soil With Gen Organics

    Hello! So excited to be here. It has been since forever I have smoked down and never really grew before. Now that it's legal in Cali, it's all I can think of. Can't wait for the licenses to come out, so I'm growing my own! So, after much research, here we are: Thai Stick Seeds purchased from...
  6. PotChimp

    Lao Sativa & Hoa Bac Silver Flower

    What strains are they? Ace Seeds - (3) regular Lao Sativa seeds Original seeds which come directly from Luang Prabang growers of the north of Laos. It is a pure sativa with classic features of the southeastern asian sativas, very similar to the thai varieties in their appearance, aromas and...
  7. D

    It's Been A Bit - But I'm Back

    Here's a few pics and some details it's 10 strains First 6. master kush, grapefruit kush, holy grail kush, sour diesel, blue dream, strawberry death star from clones Second 4. Danky doodle, white widow, mama Thai, Thai stick from seeds an in the process of being sexed under 12hrs hid hps...
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