thanks all

  1. tonymunteanu

    Abandoned Wip Tardis - First Grow - 2 White Widow - 2 AK47 - 1 Unknown - Advice Welcome

    Hi there, you wonderful group!! First of all, i want to thank you everyone :thanks: for your important contribution to us, first time growers and to the whole movement in general. I learned lots of things here and there, reading your posts/guides/etc. You are great! Thanks! After few...
  2. trichomes

    Thanks To 420 Magazine For The New Aeroponics Forum!

    My personal thanks to all contributors, voters & Admin. making this site, a "1 Stop Shop" for ALL the info we crave and share!!
  3. WestBlunts

    Help! Strain: Blue Dream

    Info: -Blue Dream -Sprouted from seed 7/18 -Outdor potted FFof soil I just transplanted her 3 days ago into some FFoF soil and when I checked on her today her water leaves were drying up/burnt and her first set of True leave had burns on the tips :shhh::confused::hmmm: Her nodes were...
  4. E

    Hello fellow enthusiast!

    Brand new to the site and just wanted to throw my name out there! I am beyond stoked that i found this site i have not stopped reading and learning many things i really had no clue about! Thanks for the awesome posts and cant wait for some future ones! -emmgee,:grinjoint: FL
  5. E

    passing the virtual peace pipe!

    ;):smokin2::grinjoint:RoorRip:smokin::bong: Just wanted to thank all, especially the dro crowd, for all your help! :rollit
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