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    Is she done?

    I have 1 of 3 plants that may be done and ready to be flushed and or pulled to hang and dry. I'm unsure of if that's the right thing to do for this one so I came here to get some advice and or opinions! Please! Or if she needs 1 more nutrients and water day..?? Much appreciated everyones...
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    Running out of jars lmao
  3. M

    Help needed - Building my first DWC

    G,Day All. I have a tote,Length 51cm+Width37cm+Depth28cm, with a total capacity of 40lts,20lts of which will be the nutrient reservoir.I will be growing only 1-Autoflower at a time.My research on this has given me multiple answers.First is,what size Net Pot should i use ? and in relation to the...
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    Bugs on plant - Newbie - Thanks in advance

  5. M

    New grower in need of advice

    Thankyou all in advance
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    Deep Water Culture site quantity question!

    I currently and just running soil. I have been doing some research on the DWC systems & have seen a lot of people pull off some nice grows with some busted genetics! The largest DWC setup I found was on amazon, a 32 site. Do larger systems exist or would this be a matter of diy/custom order...
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