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    Running out of jars lmao
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    Help needed - Building my first DWC

    G,Day All. I have a tote,Length 51cm+Width37cm+Depth28cm, with a total capacity of 40lts,20lts of which will be the nutrient reservoir.I will be growing only 1-Autoflower at a time.My research on this has given me multiple answers.First is,what size Net Pot should i use ? and in relation to the...
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    Bugs on plant - Newbie - Thanks in advance

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    New grower in need of advice

    Thankyou all in advance
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    Deep Water Culture site quantity question!

    I currently and just running soil. I have been doing some research on the DWC systems & have seen a lot of people pull off some nice grows with some busted genetics! The largest DWC setup I found was on amazon, a 32 site. Do larger systems exist or would this be a matter of diy/custom order...
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