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  1. ScrogOrDie

    ScrogOrDie's 2400W THC Snow, AK-47 & Caramelicious Journal

    Seed Bank: Marijuana Seeds NL Strains: 17 x THC Snow (THC Bomb x White Russian x Big Bud), 17 x AK-47 (Colombian x Mexican x Thai x Afghani), 2 x Caramelicious (Maple Leaf x Afghan Kush) THC Content: THC Snow: 20—28%, AK-47: 15—20%, Caramelicious: 17—20% Veg Time: 5 weeks Flower Time: 8—10...
  2. G

    Magnum Plus2 LED 4x4 THCsnow Closet Grow

    Hey everyone! So here's the skinny. I've been growing under 1000 waters for the past 15 years or so and my bro that owns a hydro store here on the west coast has convinced me to run a test for him using some new led light technology he is considering carrying in his store. I'm not convinced...
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