1. B

    Testing the strength of edibles

    I want to get into supplying infused butter to cooperatives. It would be perfect if I could test the batches and determine the strength. Since I have read a bit on this topic, it appears that the only way to test for THC is by mass spectrometer (don't have a spare $50K on me this week)...
  2. Julie Gardener

    Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System

    Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System Franjo Grotenhermen Cannabinoids 2006 Abstract The human body possesses specific binding sites on the surface of many cell types for cannabinoids, and our body produces several endocannabinoids, fatty acid derivatives that bind to these...
  3. 4

    New Medibles (Edibles) have revolutionary properties as scientists are learning

    Green Daze has discovered a group of scientists who are working hand in hand with the medical marijuana industry in an attempt to legitimize the medical use of cannabis and its extracts. Currently, many of the edibles and medibles found in clubs/dispensaries and the like are targeted solely at...
  4. Z

    Ginko Biloba

    Hey, so im making THC pills and i was wondering if i just bought the Ginko Biloba pills from a drug store, how would i use them in making the pills?? Thanks
  5. R

    Drug test (urine) in 1 week

    Hey people, i need some help ;) The thing is that for 3 weeks a go i smoked like 1-3g im not really sure how much it was, wasnt more than 3. Well next week I started to drink water. I took 30 cl each hour, I did that for 7 hours a day in 5 days. and the weekend I drinked alot of Pepsi, then no...
  6. D

    Very fast and easy vegetable glycerin THC extraction

    I was reading various extraction methodologies the other day and kept going deeper and deeper within the science. The spectrum of possibilities is endless. I chose 3 methods to investigate, Liquid Nitrogen extraction, Alcohol extraction, and Vegetable glycerin. The liquid nitrogen process...
  7. R

    If I were to extract the THC from Weed would it become stronger?

    I am having an arguement with my friend about THC extraction. He recently Smoked some THC crystals about 2grams of it, he says once it is extraced from the plant it becomes stronger. How ever I think It is just as strong as it was in the bud your just not getting all the other stuff in weed...
  8. C

    Help I need To know i if i will pass a drug test ASAP

    hey I Smoked some Pot the christmas day and early this morning like 3 am...i havent smoked in a while and i was worndering if i should worry about a drug test(looking for a second job) Im not Sure if You need to smoke all the Time for Thc to be In your body i dont smoke hardly am i at...
  9. K

    THC producing gene

    Does anyone know what the active gene that produces Thc in the cannabis plant? I would like to know because I would like to maybe create a new type of that might change the world.:cool:
  10. L

    Clarification on hair and dying

    There has been some more mis information floating around regarding hair treatment , called the bleach and re dye method. Melanin does not carry THC, other drugs yes but not THC. The myth put out there about bleaching and re dying is promoted by the same folks who are in error about different...
  11. Aqua Lab Tech

    Concentrate Bowl - Smoking Demo

    MK-Ultra 120 µ -1º, water-hash being smoked in the Aqua Lab Tecnologies - R1 Concentrate Bowl. YouTube - R1 Concentrate Bowl Aqua Lab Tech
  12. grandma

    UVB 280nm Light assisting THC production

    According to an article posted by the Moose, UVB light contributes to THC production. The article claims that HID, LED and plants grown in certain greenhouses will not have access to UVB light. The article seems to indicate that about 200milliwatts/cm2 would be sufficient. My question is...
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