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the church

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    The Church
  2. Ian Bastage

    Kind LED & Friends – A 420 Magazine Sponsored Grow & Review

    Yes, it is time to do it again. You may recall my first grow: Bomb Seeds Detonation Time! It turned out much better than expected in spite of my many mistakes along the way. Thank you again to all of the members that helped me. The yield was good and the smoke is very good and it will keep my...
  3. S

    For all my Friends at 420mag

    Blessed be and may the light always burn brightly at 420 mag; happy growing
  4. S

    The Church and its phenotypes with photos

    The church and its Phenotypes. This is part one of a two part post on the Church and its phenotypes. The Church has 3 phenotypes. This post will deal with the church in its veg stage, and the second part will show the 3 church phenotypes in flower. Phenotype 1, I veged for 8 weeks...
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