the ultimate

  1. Jackobite

    Got there in the end

    Well its been difficult this summer with the heat in my grow room, using my new set up with light movers has been has been an experience. But everything is a learning curve and ive learned that something's that have seemed like a disaster have turned out to be good tips for future grows i had a...
  2. IMG_20180219_203612.jpg


    dutch Passion ultimate 10 weeks flowering
  3. 2percentmilk

    2percentmilk's 9 Strain Outdoor Garden 2018 - Reveg Potential

    This winter I'll be trying my hand at an indoor grow, I've 2 grows under my belt but only on outdoor plants so this should be interesting and a great learning experience anyway, here's what I'm running so far. Strains: 1x Trainwreck 1x Liberty Haze 1x Ayahuasca Purple 1x The Ultimate 1x Big...
  4. SteveHman

    Completed SteveHman's Advanced LED - 1000 Watt/BP Nutrients - Going For Max Yield Grow-Grow 6.5

    OK, now that I have Grow 6.0 well under way and have a minute to get the tent up and going, it's time to start yet another journal! This one will be Grow 6.5 (since I am already a week past the start of 6.0, I decided to call it 6.5, no other reason). I will be growing in my 4x4 Secret Jardin...
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