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  1. B

    Anyone using the Nanolux de super 600 watt?

    Hello fello growers as the title says anyone rocking these nanolux de super 600 watt lights? Are they reliable, how are the different hoods that are suppose to be for a 4x4 foot print? De or 630 watt cmh I have a 8ft x 12ft x 6ft8 high tent I was thinking of 8 lights in total? or maybe 6 will be...
  2. HigherTheHigh

    Question for high quality growers - Flushing question

    Hello all! Im back with a question that i could really use help with. I flipped 12 skunk xl on the 13th september making them 11 weeks old around todays date, i flipped them when they were only around 4 weeks from seed, iv never had a seed take so long to show sex like this strain. I am...
  3. M

    How low on watts can you go on Cree 3590's

    I have a couple of questions. I bought two 3590 s @ 3500 k and run them at 50 watts with a mover that moves 2 feet and height adjustment (active heatsinks). I put both up to 60 watts each and burned some leaves. I have now a 3+3 space with one big plant (smaller footprint when plant is young) ...
  4. A

    Grow problems

    I am growing White widow and blueberry auto flowering that I got from ilgm. I have a 4ft yeild max ufo hydroponic grow box from unique hydroponics. My plants are 11-12 days old and they are starting to turn yellow. My pH is around 6.0-6.6. I have them on an 18 on and 6 hour off light schedule. I...
  5. S

    First Indoor Grow

    My 4 Candy Cane AF sprouted 11/15/17 in 75% coco and 25% perlite under the MarsII 1200 LED grow light in 3 gal fabric pots. I water them once a day with rain water or spring water. I'm going to lower the ph to 6 and start feeding them with calmag. I would appreciate any tips or comments. I am...
  6. bipolar

    My Clones Are Not Growing Roots

    Today is day 11 for the first batch. I took 12 cutting off a mother plant grown from Crop King CB Dream seeds. I took the cuttings with a Exacto knife cleaned with bleach. Cut them at a 45 degree angle and applied fresh Clonex root gel and placed them in 1 1/2" rock wool cubes that are wet but...
  7. vyserage

    Help! Overnight I had a huge change in plant health!

    So my plants were super droopy yesterday at 8pm and i watered them with water ph'd at 6.5 and half dose of calmag. Checked on them a few minutes ago and there is WAY too much yellowing going on! Is this caused because of consecutive droopy underwatering? I know i've underwatered many times to...
  8. R

    Need some help - Having a difficult time

    Hi! So I'm having a bit of a problem. My plants do not look very good after a total of 14 days. I'm using Technaflora Cutting Stage Recipe which was recommended to me for seedling and clones. It's basically some just Thrive Alive B-1 red. I am using a supercloner which bubbles by pumping air...
  9. C


    When the seeds root do i start them off in a smaller cup and move them over to big pot or do i just start them in the big pot.
  10. DoubleA

    Too much nutrient?

    Hey guys, My 8 blue cheese are 6 weeks into flowering and I was wondering what the color on the leafs mean. Is it too much nutriment, pH is not ok ? I water them with a ph around 5.8 and 6.2 and ppm around 800 with hanna. Any thought ? thanks ! :Namaste:
  11. 4

    Whats wrong with my plants? With photos

    Hi fellow growers. I have recently started growing. This is my first real grow. I have two other grows under my belt, but were not able to finish due to family etc. This is my light setup: 1000w LED Bossled from Aliexpress. 1200w LED Bestva from Aliexpress. Just changed from 20/4 to 18/6...
  12. T

    Advice please - Early bloomer

    Hi My plants are 6 weeks old, first 2 weeks indoors in natural light, and the past 4 weeks outside. It is the end of spring coming into summer. This is my 3rd grow, 2 of my plants have early flowers and the other couple I have look normal 6 week growth. I've just transplanted them into a...
  13. Ron Strider

    PA: Couple Says Police Detained Them After Mistaking Hibiscus Plants For Marijuana

    A couple in Pennsylvania is reportedly suing local authorities and their insurance agency after being told their hibiscus plants were actually marijuana – when they apparently weren't. Edward Cramer, 69, and his wife, Audrey, 66, said in a recently-filed lawsuit that while they weren't...
  14. B

    Seeds not sprouting!

    Gday guys! First time posting here, but long time follower! I havnt grown in a few years and got a little mixed up! I have strawberry kush seeds, germinated in water, all 4 cracked open. I moved them into soil (seed mix) and put them in a dome! 5 days on, no movement at all, dug to the seed...
  15. goofyfoot

    13 day old Autos - One showing sex already

    Howdy All and a question: what is the soonest anyone has seen an Auto show pistils?? This is my third attempt and the other 2 grows where at 20 & 22 days if I remember correctly. One plant is a Northern Lights (indica) and the one showing is a Mexican Airline (sativa) , I would have guest the...
  16. B

    Need help - My babies are dying

    i dont know if its from the tanlin(which is just for insects) or mammoth i used or the general hydroponics i did not use them all at once but i have not looked at my babies in two days and today i looked at them and they look like they are on there way to death.
  17. db003

    Db003's PPP Auto Grow In Super Soil: 2x4 Growlab Gl80l Tent, 600W MH/HPS

    hello everyone its me db003 back at it again I will be growing some autos in a super soil mix I had a great grow with super soil in my last grow so I wanted to do it again this grow this grow will be grown with a 18/6 light schedule from seed to harvest like all my auto grows I wanted to do a...
  18. K.puff&stuff


    Hi guys just a question My seedlings are not showing much there like on pause does anyone know what par value a seedling need to be able to go toward the light and what would be a good temp my temp is high 30 degrees humidity shows 28. But the plants are still green, light is about 36 inches up...
  19. Gazoo

    Doc's Inspired Help Journal Run By Gazoo - Blueberry In DBHB Kit

    Starting this Journal a little early I will be DROPPING Seeds on November 9th =================================================== I will try and keep this active until then. Since MUSIC is a big part of my life and I can always find some Lyrics that can say how I feel I will start with Joe...
  20. D

    Ventilation help!

    Well i will put 4 plants in 15 l tex pots I have few strains which of them should i put - only for seeds the other ones for another time White Witch x 10 Green AK XL x 2 Scout girl cookies x 1 All kush x 1 For ventilation i will use two of the they blow very strong i even feel then when I am 3...
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