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  1. O

    My First Grow - Blueberry Indica From Seed - 2018

    Hey :420: This is my first time growing and first grow journal. Crop Kings Seed Blueberry 75% Indica Regular. Growing indoors with natural sunlight, no grow lights. Using Vigoro Organics Organic Garden Soil 0.08-0.05-0.08. I originally started my seeds January 9th however my...
  2. S

    Aeroponic Grow - Showing Signs Of Stress

    Merry Christmas all! II am growing aeroponically using Mills nutes feeding on the light side due to new clones have only been in box for 7 days. They were in perfect health. Air temp averaging 73, water temp averaging 68. Humidity around 40%, ph 5.8, ppm's around 600. Top leaves start to...
  3. B

    Need to make sure system is clean

    I haven't smoked in a month and then Saturday I took 3 hits and then Sunday I took 3 hits...how long will it take to leave my system while I drink water cranberry juice and run to sweat?? I think I will have a drug test this week or next week
  4. unkied

    Worried parent - Are my plants OK?

    Hi. I need some advice. This is my very first grow. I am raising 4 feminized White Widow girls (Rose, Patti, Louise & Thelma). They are 44 days old today. My setup is as follows: In a heated outbuilding, 4x4x7 grow tent, 630w CMH lamp, 6in Exhaust with Phresh filter, small fan, intake...
  5. D

    How do you mix your nutrients in the proper & efficient way?

    Do you guys mix all your nutrients at once, and THEN add them to the reservoir? Or do you take it one by one. EXAMPLE: Do you mix all your nutrients (Cal Mag, SVA, SVB, etc...) into one mixture, and then pour it into the water reservoir? or pour the nutrients into the reservoir one by one...
  6. Ron Strider

    Meet The 'Father Of Marijuana Research'

    Raphael Mechoulam started his first marijuana project by walking into a police station and asking for some confiscated weed–for research purposes. "I went there, drank coffee with the policemen and got 5 kilos of cannabis, hashish," he said. Decades later, the 87-year-old Israeli chemist...
  7. S

    Advice on LED

    Hi, I have a 1mx1m veg tent I use to veg 4 baby's. I usaly take them up to 2 week in flower then put in big tent. I currently use 600w hps on a digital ballast that I start of at 200w then increase up to full power as the grow. I'm looking for an led that could replicate this as its getting hard...
  8. S

    Damaged leaves

    Growing in coco. I flushed 13 days ago with phed tap water, let bags dry till lite, and then started 1/2 gal of tap water per day. Bags got a little heavy so I cut it to 1 qt. per day. Today is day 7 of water only and the oldest leaves are doing this. Starts as a redish hue along the leaf edges...
  9. C

    Turn back time

    I am coming to the end of my second ever closed system grow and have been happily calculating the savings on the household recreational budget and mentally savouring the taste of completely traceable bud when Murphy being Murphy it has started to go pear shaped . After much head and ass...
  10. B

    Brixnewb's Black Thumb Guide To Cloning

    As growing cannabis goes, I have a bit of a black thumb. I always like to find the most foolproof way whenever I can, and I think I have found just that for taking clones. Cloning was never SUPER hard for me, but I have had my shares of failures with it and I think I have found a pretty much...
  11. SunnySunny

    My first grow and feeling unsure after 10th day

    Hey buds. Here having my first grow under 1500w led light , 18/6 cycle It was looking nice first< but then it definitely stopped growing. Could it be a problem or is it just rooting ? Could it be because I've move over they cycle. First they had 18/6 (6 hours from 8am) and then I've kept them...
  12. D

    DIY inexpensive greenhouse 13x13 feet less then 30$

    YouTube :thumb:
  13. D

    Germination Dry Out

    I soaked my seeds for 18 hours in water then placed them in a paper towel. they showed taproots and looked fine. went to work and came back and the paper towel was completely dry. i then had my ph balances rock wool cubes and put the seeds inside there and inside my humidity dome with my...
  14. D

    Ventilation help!

    Well i will put 4 plants in 15 l tex pots I have few strains which of them should i put - only for seeds the other ones for another time White Witch x 10 Green AK XL x 2 Scout girl cookies x 1 All kush x 1 For ventilation i will use two of the they blow very strong i even feel then when I am 3...
  15. Cap3550

    Yellow & Browning Leaves

    On my 2nd grow. 8 weeks in. Amnesia Haze. Using 400W bulb. 20 hours on, 4 hours off. Organic soil along with fox farm fertilizer. Didn't have this issue with my first grow but having it now. Leaving are yellowing, then to brown and then drying up. Flowering is still happening. What is...
  16. A

    New to this forum and 1st time grower questions

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and I've already done a little research but since my situation may be different then others I thought I would come on and ask the questions rather then spend all the time searching for them. My plan is to grow in my garage over the winter time. My Garage is...
  17. A

    How Long Will Marijuana Stay In My System

    I was a heavy Marijuana user until August 1st, I then would only smoke once a day (2-3 hits) until August 14th, then I quit completely. I have to submit a urine sample for a drug test in 29 days. I have been really sick so exercise is not an option at this point and I also am pregnant. I am...
  18. R

    Ace Seeds Panama - First Time Grow In Soil

    Hi all started growing her a few months ago under T5 propagation lights in peat pot to start. 420 Magazine ® then moved her to 250 watt cfl in soil and vermiculite mix feeding a 1/2 strength solution of home made tea with molasses blood and bone meal seaweed extract and a little bit of...
  19. SweetSue

    Decoding The Holy Grail: Terpene & Cannabinoid Retention - Decarb to Extraction

    One of the most frustrating parts of producing potent cannabis oils and products is understanding the decarboxylation process. How long is optimal for THC conversion? CBD conversion? How long is too long? What's being destroyed? What makes it through? Are there ways to manage the decarb for a...
  20. TorturedSoul

    Adding Content After HTTP Links in Posts

    If I include a live link in a post, and then go back to edit the post after submitting it (or while I'm still editing it, if I then switch to the advanced view), everything I type is underlined and in blue text (signifying a link). Clicking on the Preview button causes the same bug to appear...