1. Ron Strider

    Ireland: Dublin Protest Urges Cannabis Access For Epileptic Child

    A rally in central Dublin is being held in support of seizure-sufferer Ava Barry (7) on Saturday afternoon calling on the Government to allow her access to cannabis treatment at home. Ava, who has a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome, has been receiving treatment...
  2. M

    I joined the 420 organization today - Hello everyone!

    I have recently been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. It seems to be at an early stage and I am interested in starting a 420 therapy using oil rich in CBD. I just read here some suggestions as to dosage and amounts and I am hoping someone can guide through this process from supplier to...
  3. C

    Urgent help for medical harvest - CBD Therapy

    Hi all, this is my first thread and I hope to be posting in the right place. It's also my frist indoor experience due to the need of medicine, but I'm going through some problems that may be damaging my harvest (which I really need, and I can't have other cylces during this year). Everything...
  4. C

    The Pain Truth Documentary is now playing

    The Pain Truth explores pain management with two of the best in Pain Management and Cannabis Therapy in Canada. Please visit
  5. Hemp-EaZe

    Hemp-EaZe Hemp ROOT Therapy is healing at the ROOT of the problem

    Hemp-EaZe Therapy, Rejuvenate the circulation, invigorates cellular growth, and stimulates deep tissue healing. 100% Organic. Hemp-EaZe is a 9 herb healing mixture; Cannabis ROOT, comfrey root, Burdock root, lavender, sage, lobelia, Calif. Bay, hyssop, and Myrrh Gum. Hemp-EaZe...
  6. P


    twenty something year old male here! been under treatment for a year now! my treatment/therapy consists of medicine containing high levels of THC! eventhough these pill help with the chronic pain..they make my stomach weaker by the hour! it makes me nosiated and dizzy! i really would like...
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