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  1. P

    Red Spec Slow Veg Growth? Please Help

    Hey :420: peeps! I've been having kinda slow growth with my seedlings (or so it feels at least). They're under a 250W 6500k Spectrum LED and 250W 8U Red Spectrum CFL both with reflectors. Growing in coco-perlite 50/50 mix, check pH regularly, give less nutes than on bottle, healthy root...
  2. R

    In 1.5 days my babies went from good to Uh-Oh! Need help!

    So I have been watering these a little each day being careful not to allow the rockwool to dry out.- I woke up today to check on my babies and they look like they're dying.- They're about 10 days old, I germinated them w/o any issues, then stuck them into rockwool which I presoaked with 0-50 ppm...
  3. M

    Good tea recipes?

    hey you organic growers! got 9 ladies in 17 gal airpots growing in my greenhouse. they're in pro mix amended w/ compost, kelp powder, azomite and mycos. they're doing great so far. what is a good tea recipe to use on them when they need more ferts.? i usually use comfrey tea in my garden but...
  4. D

    From Seedling To First 2 Nodes - Small Leaves - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Okay, I've been watching and reading all the posts with images of grow from seedling level, and I'm amazed at the size of the first two-four sets of leaves are after planting. Whenever I do it, they're small and they remain small until the 5th or 6th set of leaves. I've planted in FFOF...
  5. K

    Hermie harvest and other plants

    Hi there, This is my first time growing. I have 3 plants in the 6th week of the flowering period growing indoor. I don't know the strains but they seem mostly indicas to me, they're all bag seeds from different sources. One of them is a hermie(most likely due to heat stress, I live in a very...
  6. K

    Help! I think they're male! What do you think?

    I think they're boys. What do you think? Trash with them? Or do I continue to grow them?
  7. J

    Newbie CFL grower help

    Hey guys check these pics out both are 3 weeks old and bag seed... 1st pic...this gal leaves are super broad and always seem to look like theyre drooping a lil. Is it because the leaves are so big and the stem isnt strong enough? 2nd pic...this gal is the only one out of 8 that new shoots are a...
  8. R

    Li'l Help!

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery This is my first attempt at growing and posting. Any advice on these? They're in potting soil. We use spring water. Planted Jan 1, 2016.
  9. B

    Serious Seeds Serious Kush

    Hi, I'm using a Spectrum King Closet Case LED Grow Light to grow two Serious Kush plants by Serious Seeds. They're one week old today.
  10. H

    Help to grow a weed plant properly.

    It's been 3 months since we sowed the seeds, not knowing if they're good or bad. We reached to a conclusion that they're hermi. But they've stopped growing. We've added organic supplements and provided enough light and water. We saw white spots, purple stems and growth only on the top end. The...
  11. A

    FF Of 1.5cu ft or 12 qts - What's bigger?

    The prices wildly range from $11 a bag to $60+ a bag and I can't seem to figure out what's bigger or if they're the same so please excuse the dumb question lol
  12. K

    GA Mom Taking Lead On Next Push For Legal Cannabis Oil

    Atlanta - Advocates for medical marijuana are gearing up for a fight in the legislature this upcoming session. And one local mom is leading the charge. "It was a kick in the gut, honestly," Katie McKoy said. McKoy was in the hospital with one of her sons when the legislature shot down a...
  13. Ace8620

    Help! Autoflowering

    Hey guys I'm sure this isn't the first time someone's coming here and ask for help. So let me begin with I've started growing my first set of autos they are 7 weeks old and just now getting pistils. Just trying to get an idea of how much longer I have to wait. I have a 5 foot by 5 foot by 7 foot...
  14. HashGirl

    First Grow - Crop King Hash Plants

    My husband planted these back at the beginning of June and I think they're starting to look pretty good (and they smell pretty good, too):
  15. K

    Vivosun Ballast

    Does anyone have any experience with Vivosun 1000 watt electronic ballasts? They say on their website that they use Japanese capacitors instead of Chinese made capacitors. They're cheap on eBay and if they have Japanese capacitors I would assume they're of a decent quality. Thanks for your input.
  16. TheFertilizer

    Seedlings: Can they form resin, and when are they old enough for neem?

    I have some seedlings I started in 12/12 and they're concerning me. I checked out the leaves and noticed some parts that look like little trichomes forming but it seems way too early. It's like they're the stalks minus the glandular head, and I don't mean the fuzzy ones that go on the stems...
  17. 4

    1st grow - Do these look okay?

    My first grow, my poor plants have been seriously over stressed. I know I overwatered, and started them out with very poor amounts of light. I think I also gave them nutrients too early in their life cycle, but have since cut back. I totally screwed up the pH because the pH meter I was using...
  18. A

    Seedlings showing signs they're males at 3 weeks?

    Hey Everyone Growing 6 new seedlings from germination, they're now in 4litre pots with a 70/30 mix of soil to perlite and a smidge of vermiculite. Humidity and temp are fine and the light cycle hasn't switched from 18/6, but they're weirdly showing signs of being males. Could this be down...
  19. D

    Looking for thoughts on appearance of my babies - They're looking sick

    They're planted in jiffy peats and a couple days ago I wrapped them in aluminum foil to block light from the roots since the roots were starting to come out the sides. When transferring to pots last night, I noticed they were quite wet, so I'm thinking there might have been an oxygen deficiency...
  20. D

    Help! 3 weeks White Widow

    Hi, can you help me? They're 2week veg, and 1 week flowering. Soil.LED. Do you think they're to small? Where is the problem?