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  1. T

    Premature Flowering

    Long story short. Cuts were taken from 18/6 light to outdoors and flowering at bout 25 cm. Stretch finish full flower. Question will they do there thing ? Im not worried bout crappy yield as i have to be conspicuous.
  2. O

    Trichome Viewing?

    Hi. I was wondering what magnification I need to view trichome colour easily without going overboard? Is there an easy solution for this? I bought a small microscope type thing that has 60x magnification and it is too hard to focus ( old eyes? ).
  3. F

    Wild Thing

    Any growers using wild thing nutrients from All Seasons Garden Centre in Edmonton?
  4. StonedVet

    Soil - Bag Seed GG4 - Grow Journal - 2017

    I'm a bit late to the party as I'm into my grow almost a month now, but found this and felt that it would be a great outlet. I hope that I haven't screwed things up too much so far. Below is a list of my setup if there are any other pertinent details that I've left out please let me know. What...
  5. W

    Female or male?

    Hi i posted a thread a few days ago about my plant's sex. I think my plant started to showing sex but i still can't be sure. There is a thing coming out next to stipules. Are they pistils?
  6. 4

    What's your favourite thing to do while stoned?

    Watch movies? Listen to music? Get out into nature? Having never smoked before I'm looking forward to trying out different things while I'm stoned. One thing I'm definitely gonna try out is playing on the Playstation. Specifically Skyrim. Or Journey! Wow, that will probably be akin to a...
  7. 4

    A question about carbon filters

    Hi everyone, I have a 4" Rhino Hobby filter and at the moment it isn't connected to my ducting and extractor fan, it's just sitting in my tent. Is it possible it's still reducing some of the smell? My ladies don't smell too much (which is a good thing for stealth reasons!) or maybe I'm...
  8. deadxringer

    Greeting from Massachusetts

    Hi all. I'm a veteran, college student, and fisherman. Lots of knowledge on this site. Can't wait to learn a thing or two from all the experienced horticulturists here. :thanks:
  9. V

    Potm - Notm

    Hey all, I have been trying to find out where to go to submit a Nug of the Month or Plant of the Month, is this still a thing? Can someone point me in the right direction? -Vape
  10. B

    Dried cannabis root - Anyone tried this?

    I recently read that this is very high in CBN and very low and THC and that it is really a great thing for counteracting chronic pain and I was wondering if anyone has tried this before. The reason I ask is I am a few weeks away from harvest and I want to dry out the routes for a realities who...
  11. 45thdegreeMP3

    Thread auto save?

    Does anyone know how I can pull up autosaves from my threads? I just put a few hours into a long post just to have it say it timed out &delete all my text. Any clues so I don't have to rewrite &risk the whole thing deleting again? Thank you all much &hopefully someone knows what's what. I should...
  12. A

    Stopped budding

    Ok not sure this is where I would post this but we can't figure this out for the life of us. Need your thoughts. This pic is one of the two Death Stars that has just stopped budding and no hairs. They are in soil with CocoTeck Bloom. We are just began week 5. There are no males in the room, we...
  13. J

    Please Help!

    Having issues think I have nitrogen deficiency but plant is healthy no spots no drying of leaves and there will be nothing only thing I can see is the tips are clawing really really bad any help works thank you Local 420 Growers
  14. F


    At the most my humidity is 48% most times it sits at about 40%. Should I do some thing to bring up the humidity?
  15. H

    Hydro - Armor Si

    I've done a lot of research about this product. I read that the armor si won't work unless the water is 7.0? And another thing is that I seen that the armor si has to be added first before the 3 part gh??
  16. P

    Is this plant normal looking?

    Well i hope i posted pics right. Just wanna say those messed up leaves are fro the wife shifting my setup and when i went to check on them the light was resting right on top of the plant for god knows how long. This plant is a survivor. I threw (literally) this thing out in the woods with a...