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  1. T

    Outdoor in Glasgow

    Hello folks Got in to this a year or so go, mainly for medicinal. Being an old fogey, the knees and other things were playing up. Prescribed with the usual pharmas. Gabapentin being the latest offering which I immediately stopped. (that was a laugh) With the help of a lovely guy called...
  2. WTFwasthat

    CO2 Enrichment & Mars II 1600

    So, Before I begin. Please forgive the fact that I only have only basic experience with certain things. My questions may sound dumb at times, but I come for knowledge and to share what knowledge I can. So, here goes: I have an almost perfectly Dialed in environment thanks in part to its in the...
  3. T

    H&G Nutes Question

    Im currently using there line with there Cocos, the stuff is pure magic, however i left out 2 things from there lineup thanks to advice from the bloke in store who was pretty honest. Top Shooter or Shooting Powder ? I understand you are meant to use one or the other, but as he put it, its for...
  4. S

    New to site

    Just getting out to the net things.
  5. D

    Help deciding on Mini Split A/C

    So I'm gonna be running 6 1000W lights in one of my grow rooms, not including the W's coming from other things. The room is LxWxH 9x16x9. I decided I'll need at least 36000 BTU with my AC. My question is... should I get one single 36000 BTU unit, or get a dual zone which I'm assuming splits them...
  6. D

    What's up fam!

    Hey everyone i go by jay or looch..which ever you prefer lol..im from the east coast and i grow just to learn and prep myself for big things coming..i really look forward to chatting with yall about these amazing plants and learning as much as i can
  7. GanjaSyndicat

    Kinda High Right Now

    Life's crazy things will be good, things will be bad Depends where the coin lands Hopefully I'm high when it does, or asleep My names a no no lol, hate attention so were are gonna use alternate costumes here folks, just call me Ganja Syndicate, Sir Syndicate Or KnightMare Stay high folks
  8. TheDarkTriad

    Electric question

    So i have a 1000w LED light its 220 or well 240 in actuality but lets call it 220. I do not have a dedicated free 220 line. So is a adapter a bad idea? well it lower my actual power draw in turn lower my out put? I dont know that much about the electrical side of things, thats next on my list of...
  9. T

    First grow

    Hi there I'm Alessio from Italy, this is the first time I grow and I wanted to ask a couple of things about my baby. Cheers

    New member

    hey guys names brett new here and just dropping in to say hi,im a family man 2 young girls and my wife.yes i grow yes i vote,from Portland Oregon and use cannabis for depression amoung other things. ill be putting my first grow with mars hydro epistar320 and blue-dream with pics and specs later...
  11. Partimus

    Skywalker x Tangie 315 Watt CMH

    Hi Everyone, I have some skywalker x tangie growing at the moment that I thought I would share. It was a rocky start with this lot, I made some errors and got carried away with additives and things and burnt the poor things. At the moment, things are as follows, Strain: Skywalker...
  12. D

    Anyone is this Auto Blueberry a Hermie

    Okay checking plants out and I found these swollen pod lookin things . I'm a newbie so be easy with . I'm just worried is all .
  13. C

    Dolomite Lime

    If someone could point me in the direction of dolomite and ph, that would be great. I am new to this and after reading sooooo many things, I am confused. I guess I am trying to keep things simple(or maybe not). If I add dolomite to my mix, is it true that I don't have to worry about my ph? And...
  14. K

    Looking for information on a few things indoors

    Hey, what i'm doing here is collecting information on a few things as i am researching as much as i can before I can do what i need to. Answers that you give might spark more questions and i have time to wait and learn as long as the information is fact and comes from source or experience as i...
  15. C

    Hello 420

    hey all! long time reader here but never joined up due to being not so great on phones computers and gadgets and due to apprehension about talking weed online. tonight though i figure why not! in no expert in the field but am in the field nonetheless, undertaken numerous grows indoors and...
  16. C

    What are those?

    I tried to grow 3 plants at home, with simple supplies. I found the seeds on "regular weed" so I don't know what sex they are. they have 2 months at the moment. Some things showed up and i can't tell what it is. Are they polen sacs?
  17. P

    Just the regular garden - Eat for health

    :party: Hopefully this will flourish with pictures and comments on something that can benefit all. I love my vegetables, mostly because we'll they are grown by me. I'm not a show off but occasionally strange things and items worth discussion pop up. I also like to capture odd views in the plant...
  18. D

    1st scrog

    1st scrog. Scrog is set at 9" above plant base. I cropped the tops between 5 and 6 nodes. Then I did a mix of cropped and FIM on the second set up from the center. Did some lolly popping at week 5 of veg.. Going into week 6 of veg. Any suggestions or comments are more than welcome.
  19. olypenn

    Vapor Genie Review

    Just ordered one of these pipes after doing research online. The reasons why I decided to buy a Vapor Genie: 1-It has not electronic parts. 2-Priced very reasonable $55.00 on ebay from Vaporgenie.com. 3-Manufacturer guarantees workmanship and materials for life. No hassles for returns. 4-No...
  20. T

    A very old Newbee

    Decided to grow a few plants! I love growing things, house plants, tomatoes, squash and now this! A friend gave me a T-5 grow light, I've got pots and bags of topsoil and have ordered some seed. I'm trying to read all the helpful stuff on here. Things have changed a lot. In the 70's an oz. was...