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  1. G

    Any advice?

    So here's a pic of my dwarf low flyer @ 21 days I have fertilized her twice with a very diluted BC grow mix n the next week the bloom and I think it's just some burn from my nutes but I'm not sure the tips of a few of the leaves are a lil discolored n some of them look like they are being...
  2. J

    New to the group

    Just a quick hello introducing myself. Mostly interested in the implementation of the legality and distribution method the government will use. Don't think we will see a better comedy for a very long time. Enjoy!
  3. T

    Nute burn? Nute lockout?

    Hey guys! Check out the pic below and tell me what you think. I test my runoff after feeding and the PPMs don't show these plants to be feeding as much as I think they should. So I'm thinking of flushing. My buddy says though that he thinks it's just nut burn and I should scale back a bit...
  4. C


    Im having problems getting my plants to start budding its been 2 weeks since i went 12 on 12 off i think they a dwarf but not sure put them in from seeds and ideas
  5. Ron Strider

    2017: The Year Pot Policy Stood Still As Opioids Ravaged The Nation

    The first year of Donald Trump's presidency has felt like a hurricane, as the administration worked frantically to unwind rules and regulations on everything from environmental policy to Obamacare. But the nation's burgeoning marijuana industry was able to survive attempts by Attorney General...
  6. D

    First timer

    Hi everyone first time.on here and first time grower. All's going well so far. Think no may have mag deficiency tho.
  7. I

    Let's take a look and make some choices!

    Hello guys, I recently start growing indoor, I have a grow tend 60x60x1.40 with a HPs 150 W and 6.5 Litre pots, For the first time I try an auto blue cheese, I had some ups and downs which affect my baby, but as we proceed to the end of her life it seems good. Now my question is: for that...
  8. Ron Strider

    Canada: Cannabis Exec 'Expecting Close To 2 Million Medical Marijuana Patients'

    Riley McGee turned to medicinal cannabis in 2006 to treat his PTSD after returning to Canada after serving with the military in Afghanistan. He's now the president of Abba Medix Corp, the production facility that provides cannabis products for Marijuana for Trauma – an advocacy group dedicated...
  9. U

    I think I ruined these girls - Or am I being precious?

    I think I have the upload sorted? Maybe. G'day all. I hope the picture included works. It has been decades since I have grown and this is my first in all that time.. Do these girls look a little weird to you all? You are looking at a Royal Flush in the centre, two White Widow in the...
  10. L

    Paper towel method vs Jiffy's

    I've been starting from seeds for a few years now and have found while the paper towel does work I find it incredibly tedious. Especially if your starting a good number of them. Has anyone just tried just going to a standard 1" Jiffy puck after a 24 hour soak? I been thinking about any reason...
  11. Ron Strider

    Al Harrington Opens Up About Becoming A Cannabis Entrepreneur

    Al Harrington sits down with former NBA commissioner David Stern to discuss weed use. Former NBA player (and Big3 League champion) Al Harrington recently linked up with Uninterrupted to produce a 14-minute documentary which takes a look at his cannabis extract company. In the doc, Harrington...
  12. Ron Strider

    Ex-NBA Commissioner David Stern Says Marijuana Should No Longer Be Banned

    Former NBA commissioner David Stern says he's in favor of removing marijuana from the league's list of banned substances. Stern, who oversaw the league from 1984 through 2014 and is credited with its explosion in popularity over that span both domestically and internationally, made the...
  13. D

    Grow light help

    Hi i have chosen one 300w grow lamp for my 1meterx1meter garden what do u think about it is it good ? :Namaste:
  14. Torst

    Is It Done - Ghost Train Haze

    Having a hard time deciding with this one. Do you guys think this Ghost Train Haze is done at day 85 from flip?
  15. Ron Strider

    Can Marijuana Save Kentucky From A Crippling Pension Crisis

    Kentucky Sen. Dan Seum, R-Fairdale, has said he plans to introduce a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana. With that as a backdrop, members of the state's Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, state workers and members of the public debated the pros and cons of marijuana...
  16. Ron Strider

    CA: How To Make Cannabis In San Francisco Work

    As Terrance Alan sees it, he’s come out of the closet twice. The first time was when he came out as a gay man. Now he’s come out as a cannabis user. “I don’t think people have that opportunity in their lives very often,” the 64-year-old Alan says, “to come out of two closets, where what they...
  17. Ron Strider

    Four Questions With Leader Of Iowa Medical Marijuana Board

    A new state advisory panel charged with helping implement an expanded medical marijuana law in Iowa is trying to balance the demands of an expedited timeline with a go-slow desire to avoid pitfalls that may accompany the experiment to widen the approved uses of cannabidiol. "I think the state...
  18. Torst

    Vertical HID Grow

    This is my first attempt after seeing a good friend pull off 6lbs (dry) with a 2kw vertical setup. I think I am sold on vertical, this is just one 1000w HPS!
  19. F

    Kali Dog growing large - Some small concerns

    I'm growing what seems to be a very large Kali Dog in my green house. Everything has been going pretty smoothly. I had a problem with some lower leaves going a bit yellow but I think that was down to a nitrogen deficiency and I think I'm kind of on top of that. My problem now is that I've...
  20. M

    Plant is yellowing badly

    Need a little help here. This plant is going downhill fast. Had a mild spider mite issue a 3-4 weeks back which is now under control. And what I thought was being caused by the mites is continuing to get worse. Check the pictures and let me know what you think. Mikey Kush from seed Dirt...
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