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    Abandoned Spiffziggy's Third Grow, Modified Mainlining G13 Haze 600W HPS Grow Journal, 2017

    Hi everyone! Very new here, been lurking for months but thought I would pop out and finally properly say hello! This is my first ever grow journal, very happy for your input. I usually see imperial units but I work in metric so I've done my best to indicate both. My first grow was a single...
  2. Indicas

    Abandoned Kosher Kush / Strawberry Cough

    Plants: Kosher Kush & Strawberry Cough Lights: 4 Compact Fluorescent Lights = 300 Watt Equivalence -- > Will be adding more 4 more later in growth Medium: Happy Frog Soil Additives: Nitrogen * 2 parts blood meal * 3 parts fish meal Phosporous * 3 parts bone meal * 6 parts rock...
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