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  1. E

    Home hobby distillation of cannabinoid

    I am a patient who needed hard core medicine and could not locate in dispensaries the kind of purity I require. So I get dispensary extract and purify it. By the third pass it is clear and very pale yellow and potency is off the charts. Perfect.
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: Napa Countywide Cannabis Roundtable Meets On Friday

    The next Napa Countywide Cannabis Roundtable is scheduled for 1-3 p.m., Friday in the board meeting chambers on the third floor of the Administration Building, 1195 Third St., in Napa. The discussion will include report outs from a recent trip to Oakland to tour manufacturing, cultivation...
  3. kelbybricker

    Yellow Seedling

    Hey everyone, this is my first post I just planted three beans 2 days ago The first day two of them broke the surface and look extremely healthy However the third one just broke. I turned on the lights to see it is all yellow and has a little bit of purplish on the cotylon leaves. This is...
  4. M

    PH lockout?

    So here I am, I'm on my third grow since registering and I've had two successful grows that both yielded 1lb of dried herb. I'm on my third grow, I'm using ProMix HP that I've amended with Dolomite Lime and some bat guano. The last 2 harvests I grew were mainly Indica, I'm now trying a sativa...
  5. M

    Leaf Issue on Flowering Plant - Normal or Problem?

    So I have three bag seed plants that are in the third week of flowering. They are watered every third day and fed fox farms nutes per ff schedule at 1/4 strength. Temps are between high 70's to mid 80's. Humidity is around 55%. I am noticing yellowing and weakening of the lowest fan leaves...