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  1. G


    Z7..... thoughts?.... worth trying?
  2. A

    Thoughts on EZ CO2

    Anything helps
  3. Gardenseed

    Happy thoughts

    Butterflies, Bunny Rabbits, Blue skies, Big poufy clouds, Meadows, Summer Rain, Swimming naked, ..... Keep this going, add your own happy thoughts. Happiness and kindness are free. Sprinkle it every where you go. :thumb:
  4. ResinSaurusRex

    Thoughts on how much longer I might have? KF#1 Imperial Genetics

    I haven't been able to find a grow journal for this strain. Its Kurple Fantasy #1 from Imperial Genetics. Yup, it is the #1 seed, not the #2 seed. The purple side of the genetic tree is starting to show up now. Thoughts on harvest? I'm thinking early July.
  5. cbgb

    Germination help please!

    hey 420 peeps . hope you are all having a good day ...... after so mant=y grows i am having a lot of trouble with germ. something thath was never really an issue ............. do seeds get harder to crack open as they age in a cool ,dry and dark place. i have had a few issues with seed caps...
  6. Gauge Steel

    Grow area build for that sweet spot for new lights - Any thoughts?

    my plans are for 3X5 however i can go as long as 6 feet and as wide as 3.5 if there is some lighting pattern sweet spot. I haven't decided which lights to buy so this is kind of a why would you do? Gauge
  7. B

    Thoughts, reciepes, KNOWLEGE

    Nute and supplements recipes
  8. E

    What is this?

  9. Rider509

    65w 6500K 4300 lumen triple tube CFL, 300 w equivalent - THOUGHTS?

    I'm using these lamps for fill in the grow room. Anybody else? Any thoughts on using these lights?
  10. Qrazy

    Colorado crack down

    Colorado lawmakers plan crackdown on home pot growers – The Denver Post Whats everyones thoughts on this?
  11. F

    Advice needed

    Hi I would really appreciate some advice regarding a grow tent setup ( I am a complete noob) I have access to only a few places locally I was thinking of getting a starter pack like the following Complete Indoor Grow Tent - Hydro Herb AfricaHydro Herb Africa and adding the...
  12. A

    Yellowing shade leaves?

    Yellow shade leaves??? Thoughts......
  13. DeadHeadTed

    This any good for storage?

    Just curious on what peoples thoughts are on this :-)
  14. N

    New to LED give me your thoughts on my theories

    Hello all. Okay so I have done a lot of reading and searching . It appears that growing with led's is cost effective and efficient but will require one to relearn the grow so to speak. No I have read plenty of post in regards to light height and the intensity of led light. I will be growing in a...
  15. 4

    Is this a herm?

    This is my first attempt at growing and I believe a few of my plants went herm on me. What are your thoughts? They are about 25 days into flower. Thanks
  16. N

    How about this soil?

    anyone have thoughts about it?
  17. jamesleemc

    ScRoGcO scrog grow

    well all scrogco sent me 2 of their set ups and here they are i have a few thought's on them, and will post more later on this :420:
  18. D

    Looking for thoughts on appearance of my babies - They're looking sick

    They're planted in jiffy peats and a couple days ago I wrapped them in aluminum foil to block light from the roots since the roots were starting to come out the sides. When transferring to pots last night, I noticed they were quite wet, so I'm thinking there might have been an oxygen deficiency...
  19. M

    Is she sick?

    This outdoor grown sativa has two branches with discolouration and looks quite sad. The tree is in the flowering stage and I am wondering if I should cut the two branches off. Thoughts?
  20. C

    My flowering progress - Thoughts?

    Unknown autoflowering strain, how is it looking? Any guesses as to harvest?