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  1. N

    Strange performing girls from the start!

    I planted three seeds from one card of 10(Northern Lights auto) from a well known and respected company from the UK. The first days of the girls life was unremarkable as it should be. Starting on day10, the first plant started flowering and growing rapidly with crown getting very long.(also an...
  2. MrMiracleGro

    Tolerance Break - Worth It?

    I finally have reached that point where I decided I NEED to take a T-Break. I've smoked pot majority of my life, at least since I get into high school. Upon graduation, I began smoking DAILY and have stuck to that regime for almost three years now (developed a slight mental/physiological...
  3. MarysGarden

    Week 3 flowering. 1st time grow. How am I doing?

    Let me know how I am doing please?!
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