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  1. Y

    Cannabis Treats Strep Throat

    alright, just wanted to say that i just cured myself of strep throat using cannabis after not even two days. i woke up yesterday morning with the strep really starting to take hold so i began taking lots of cannabis coconut oil and now i'm feeling i've got this thing beat already. no sore...
  2. S

    Pax 3 - Anyone with a review?

    Looking to go to vaporizers, portable would be great & thot about the Pax 3 vs volcano type & am considering both. Couple questions on vaporizing, how well does the Pax 3 work and is the Pax app any benefit. I get at times a knarly sore throat that can lead to colds when smoked normally and am...
  3. D

    How to use CBD/Marijuana to cure throat cancer?

    My dad was just diagnosed with a tumor in his throat which could be cancer. What is the best way to use cbd oil or marijuana to stop the growth of it or kill the cancer cell? How much does he need to take? Please tell me everything you know about this because I know close to nothing about this...
  4. Heraldo

    Storm or Flowermate Aura?

    I'm looking for a new portable vape (had the iolite back in the day but gave it up because it dried my throat out and I got tired of buying butane). I have my eye on the Storm by Vapefiend (not completely convinced though) and the Flowermate aura (can't find enough info). Anyone used them? If...