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  1. M

    Hullo - Introducing meself as monTigre

    So, hi all. I'm Canadian, a user of the bud, and looking forward to, (what appears now to be a delayed date for), legalization. I used to enjoy a good smoke, in a cigarette, cigar or pipe. But I quit tobacco in the late '90s as I was developing a nasty cough. I admit to missing that rush of...
  2. A


    Sup all I grow hydroponics (RDWC). I'll be posting soon :thumb:
  3. Greenpig

    Hi to all!

    :thumb: Hi to all !
  4. counting12345

    Dropping by

    dropping by to say hello. finally i'm in. read a couple of threads and im learning a lot already. i love to write and this place is gold. :thumb:
  5. Hazezombie420


    Hi I'm hazezombie420 not been about for a while but in back now so let's grow :thumb:
  6. Ron Strider

    IL: Marijuana Center 'Minimally Occupied'

    A medical marijuana cultivation center that started two years ago in Oglesby is still apparently growing plants, but its facility is said to be "minimally occupied." In early 2015, Chicago-based Green Thumb Industries announced it would build its facility that summer west of Interstate 39...
  7. D

    DIY inexpensive greenhouse 13x13 feet less then 30$

    YouTube :thumb:
  8. K

    Once a lurker

    Out from the shadows, wanted to maybe post a bit. :thumb:
  9. A


    looking to start growing for personal but dont have a green thumb at all :) anyone ordered via herbies before?
  10. D

    First time grower

    I'm new to growing and I am wondering if anyone could advise me on the best soil and fertilisers to use to help get the best results. Also if anyone knows any good seeds for first time growers it would be appreciated. Thanks, Jamie :thumb:
  11. F

    First Grow! Autoflower Outdoors UK Any Advice

    This is a Snow Ryder Automatic from White Label Seeds, its being grown outdoors in UK, any advice is greatly appreciated! Day 15 from sprout: Thanks! :thumb:
  12. NoobGrower17

    NoobGrower17's First Growing Mission

    Greetings All, Thought i'd drop on in and start a grow journal for my first grow. I'd like to state that i'm totally new to growing and also to this website, i got pointed here from a good friend :thumb: I am growing cheese from cuttings i'm roughly 2 weeks in and i have just started some LST...
  13. S

    New dude

    Hey folks. Thanks for inviting me. Hopefully with your help I can become the grower that I want to be,:thumb:
  14. Lansky

    200 Gallons Smart pot

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone can tell me how to make my own 200gallons smart pots. I heard about pond underlayment but not sure this is what to use. if anyone has info much appreciated. :thumb:
  15. B

    Hey all

    Hey everybody. I'm new to growing(i have plants in their 7th week from seed)I am hoping to learn everything I can. :thumb:
  16. Jollymon66

    Brown Thumb 1st Grow

    My wife had Multiple Sclerosis and out of 20 something meds Cannabis is the only the only thing which brings her relief, but at 50 an 1/8 I can't afford it. So with some bag seeds and stuff I had around the house I'm getting my feet wet, the fact they haven't die is amazing to me as I've never...
  17. B

    Thumb tacks: Are you serious?

    So I am getting close to harvesting my first ever plant and in looking at ways to try to increase yield I have been advised on this site and a few others to: Take thumb tacks and stick them in the stems all over the plant the last week before harvest......I was told this increases resin...
  18. FeralA9X

    Feral's Journal Of Insanity & Some Growing

    Hey all, time to throw up another ongoing journal of my gardens, crazy methods and stupid ideas :) This will be a way more laid back approach than my last few journals, dont be afraid to join in, everyone is welcome to talk about anything they like in here. Main idea for this journal is to have...
  19. Mistercpp

    T-Minus 2 years

    Two more years of waiting until the State of Ohio has to have the Medical Marijuana Program up and running. :thumb: It's a start
  20. SmokeEvriday

    Hello from the new guy!

    Hi guys, just signed up and want to say hello. Have a good day! :thumb:
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