thyroid disease

  1. SweetSue

    Treating Thyroid Disease With Cannabis: A Victory Song

    I recently discovered this article and thought it was too valuable to leave out there. News in the medical community is that there's no proof of any connection between cannabis and the healing of thyroid disfunction conditions. VladC seems to disagree, and his results appear to back him up...
  2. T

    CBD Extract Oil for Thyroid issues?

    Hi, y'all.... Hoping someone can help. I work in a job that tests (and, frankly, don't like smoking - haven't in 20 years), so, I need something that is THC free and isn't going to get me lit. I'll stick to whiskey for that. I'm really interested in trying CBD Oil for my health issues...
  3. A

    Autoimmune diseases treatment with cannabis oil

    Ive been trying to help my symptoms of my multiple autoimmune issues before its to late, with rick simpson type oil and have some questions. my question is has anybody ever needed a strain specific oil....if so what was your experience! thanks any help or advice is beyond appreciated! hugs...
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