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    LST - How long?

    Hey guys... I started lst almost 2 days ago, my question is how long should i hold the position i got my gals tied dwn in? I know im supposed to keep moving them but how long do i exactly keep them tied down in one spot???
  2. C

    My Happy Place - 2.0

    I am back with a plan this time! Come alone with me on my attempt at growing a bush, not a big ass tree! I started with a random seed, again.. So as before I have no idea what strand or sex it is. Anywho, it's 3 weeks old, and I have cut the top off and tied down the two main branches, so...
  3. I

    Start of my LST

    Does it look like i did this right put a tac at tip of pot then tied yarn around plant and hooked to tac