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  1. P

    Tight Fit - CFL & LED - Help?

    Hey guys so I have a 2.5x2.5x5 I'm setting up (you can read more in my journal if you like) The kit i bought came with 4x2' t5 24w reflector and 2xLED panels. Upon doing more research and examining them, the LEDS looked like shit - so I've bought a Mars 600 MY question is, its such a tight...
  2. Y

    Maybe this is that one dumb question

    I just turned 50 and I've only been introduced to Marijuana in the last year or so. And here I am about to try my first grow. So all the Marijuana I smoked with friends had been purchased, had the tight compact bud look. But I met a gentleman that grows. Well all his cured buds are fluffy. I...
  3. count duckula

    Will vacuum sealing buds make them tight?

    If fluffy or loose buds are cured in vacuum sealed bag, will that compress and make them tight and hard?
  4. S

    Some pictures, weed, oil...

    I just randomly found these on the internet... ;) Tight Green Bud 99% Isopropyl Honey Oil Black Oil Hemp
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