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    Hi what should my e,c -cf levels be at start of week 4 of flowering d,p white widows I've been told there heavyfeeders and have it like 2,0 -20 I normally try to keep bout 18 should i up it a bit thank you in advance Tim
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    How long after pinching out my tips should i wait before i put them on 12x12 thanks
  3. Cannafan

    Flowers for Tim

    Re: Fallen Warrior - Tim '420 Motoco' I couldn't be there, but I sent these to Tim's service today: Rest In Peace Tim, and Deepest sympathies to Mo and Family.
  4. Cannafan

    420 Motoco Memorial Grow - Community Journal - Tribute

    Welcome to the 420 Motoco Memorial grow journal. We are here to honor our Friend and Mentor, 420 MOTOCO (Tim), who passed away suddenly on December 19, 2015. This journal is open to all who want to grow their favorite strain for making Concentrated Cannabis Oil, or other medicinal uses as a...
  5. Teddy Edwards

    Fallen Warrior - Tim aka 420 Motoco

    Fallen Warrior - Tim '420 Motoco' Tim, aka 420 Motoco, died suddenly and unexpectedly just before Christmas 2015, at the age of 66. His key threads — "How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil" and "Cannabis Oil Dosing Tutorial - Tacking Method" — gave clear and detailed instructions on the...