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  1. B

    Fusion Bright 315 ballast IR control question

    Hello growers I have the fusion digital balist for the 315w cmh it has an ir remote to control the dimmer as well as a on off mode , after reading about the dangers of useing the off the shelf 15 amp timers I was wondering if any one makes a timer that would control my lights via the ir sensor ?
  2. Skullman420

    A question about timers, watts and Mars-Hydro LED lights

    I have 3 Mars Pro II Epistar 320 and 1 Mars Pro Epistar 160 lamps from Mars-Hydro The 160 was the first LED light I bought and the great results I have had with this lamp inspired me to buy 3 more lamps from the same company. The 160 has a remote control and timing can be programmed, so that...
  3. P

    Flower timing

    Hello, I am new to this forum so I hope someone can help me out! :-) Is flowering 11.5 lights on - 12.5 lights off , ok for my plants? My timers a little off and I was wondering if this will affect anything? Iv heard people do 11 on 13 off also? Thanks Phil
  4. M

    Question about Timers

    I have a small 2 plant grow project going on right now and I'm ready to start my 12/12 cycle. Only problem is my work hours will keep me from being able to turn the lights on/off on time everyday. I've been looking at timers but I am terrified of electicity and would like a dependable and...
  5. eScott

    Best time to change start of 12/12 timing?

    I have 4 plants that are in their 4th/5th week under 12/12 lighting. Due to my schedule I need to shift the on/off times an hour. I want to shift the whole cycle to one hour earlier, so I have the options of cutting the daytime or night time one hour short one time. I'm guessing switch it after...
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