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  1. B

    Feco Failure

    made 5 cups of tincture with 2 oz of decarbed herb and 5 cups of 190 proof everclear in a magic butter machine, 130 degrees fahrenheit for 8 hours. Removed and strained (apparently not enough), placed on saucepan with minimal heat and stirred occasionally as the alcohol evaporated. Was trying to...
  2. P

    CBD Water Nano Technology Vs Oil

    Is Water Nano technology better than oil for absorption into the body. I’ve been suffering with lower back problems since I was a teenager, Ive tried Nano CBD from “Byron Bay Cannabis”. Im having great result. Just curious is Water Nano technology better than oil to get into the body.
  3. NaturalSpirit

    Natural Spirit's Hyperactive Journal Of 2020

    High everyone and welcome to my brand new journal :slide: :circle-of-love: :slide: This journal will showcase quite a lot at the same time or so is my plan. Thanks to my previous journal that did run a year longer then expected, i can now narrow down what it is i'd like to try. My growing...
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    HempWorx CBD product line up. HempWorx has a line up of pure, potent, organic CBD products. Tinctures, topical pain cream, skin care, pet products, CBD bath bombs and CBD coffee too! If you are looking for a quality CBD product go to https://buyhempworx.store.
  6. Smoky da bear

    Most efficient use of entire plant!

    Hey guys I'm a somewhat rookie. I've used these forums before to grow some amazing stuff. Now, I know I'm late to the party but I just made cannabutter for the first time and it's got me curious about the best and most efficient way of making the most of every part of the plant. Be it butters or...
  7. SweetSue

    Quick Tinctures: A SweetSue Picture Tutorial

    One of the easiest dosing methods is an alcohol tincture. It’s a quick and easy process to wash the plant material with a strong ethanol alcohol and gently reduce the wash to a tincture concentration. This tutorial will walk you through the process of making a small-batch tincture. I started...
  8. beez0404

    Making tincture with a Magical Butter 2 machine: Decarboxylate the flower?

    My wife recently purchased a Magical Butter Machine 2 with which she wants to make oil, butter, and tincture. She is confident that she knows how to make the butter and oil as apparently there is plenty of information out there to read. She has not had the same luck researching the making of...
  9. Ron Strider

    Papa & Barkley To Add THCa Tincture To Its Releafâ„¢ Product Line

    EUREKA, CA — Nov. 16, 2017 — Papa & Barkley, a best-in-class manufacturer of effective cannabis-derived pain and wellness products, today announced the release of its 1:1 THCa:CBD tincture, created to give users the same healing properties as products made with THC, but with little or no...
  10. I

    CBD oil v Cannabis tincture ?

    I have been doing a lot of research to see what i think is the best for use.with oil (rso) you remove evrything exept the cbd,but with a cold extraction tincture you keep all the healing properties including the thca stoping you getting the high ,so in my opinion the cold extraction tincture is...
  11. Ron Strider

    How To Stop A Cat's Nighttime Howls

    I've had my orange tabby since he was a kitten and he will be 18 years old next month. He likes to sleep on me at night to stay warm. Probably because of arthritis – I can relate – he started changing positions every 5 or 10 minutes, which of course wakes me up. I started putting a few...
  12. T

    Using Shatter For Salves

    I have been making salves and tinctures for awhile but I am interested in using some shatter for my salves to increase the efficacy. Especially THCA and CBDA. The numbers of those on shatter are high. Way higher then flower. Does anyone here have experience with this? thank you in advance...
  13. Curly Beaver

    How can I make e-cig liquid/juice from Glycerin Tincture

    I have a lot of glycerine tincture that I want to turn into liquid for an e-cig pen. Somewhere I read that you just needed to cut the glycerin tincture with propylene glycol but now I can't find that article/directions. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to turn glycerin tincture into e-liquid...
  14. MikkaTheEnt

    Making CBD without oil - Is it possible?

    I have a friend who cannot tolerate oil. He wants to use CBD tinctures to help his pain, but everything we've found so far is made (or at least cut) with oil. Is it possible to make an oil-free CBD tincture? EDIT: I gather that there are natural oils that come out of the plant material used to...
  15. MikkaTheEnt

    Homemade CBD tincture with no oil - And is accurate dosing possible?

    Hi all. Hope this is the right forum for this kind of question. If not, please feel free to nudge me in the right direction. It's actually a 2-part question. I have been taking sublingual CBD oil for a while and find it extremely beneficial for my migraines and general chronic pain issues, so...
  16. B

    Help - Candy tincture

    Hello, I am stuck, i have been searching and comparing recipes for tinctures for hard candy. I just want to know ratios of bud to end result. I need for a hard candy recipe 1-2 ounces tincture and i really do not know what tincture to make. I have been reading alot about a alcohol method or the...
  17. Man'O'Green

    Tincture that best preserves the flavor of the buds

    I love chewing on a well cured piece of bud - so many wonderful flavors! The sticky stuff off my trimming shears is a little taste of heaven. I want to make a Vegetable Glycerin Tincture that will preserve as much of those flavors as possible as well as activate the THC/CBD and other...
  18. D


    Ive got some bud stored in mason jars in a dark cool place. About 5 yrs old. will this bud still be good for making veg glycerine tincture? I also have some bud from last summer outdoor grow, doesn't appear to have very many trichromes, can this be used for veg tincture? I use tincture for...
  19. K

    CA: THCA Cannabis Tincture - Our Toke Of The Week

    Strain: THCA Cannabis Tincture Price: $35 for 15ml $70 for 30ml Dispensary: OC3 Orange County Cannabis Club 3122 Hallady Street Santa Ana,CA 92705 714-754-1348 Welcome to Cannabis 101! In anticipation of the passing of Prop. 64, which will legalize recreational marijuana in California, we...
  20. B

    How to CBD crystal tincture?

    i got some CBD crystals that i would like to make into a spray able 15ml tincture would liquid MCT oil be thin enough to make a spray tincture? or would alcohol (ever clear 190 proof) be a better way to make it?
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