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  1. cbgb

    Germination help please!

    hey 420 peeps . hope you are all having a good day ...... after so mant=y grows i am having a lot of trouble with germ. something thath was never really an issue ............. do seeds get harder to crack open as they age in a cool ,dry and dark place. i have had a few issues with seed caps...
  2. N

    Leaf Diagnosis Please

    Grow Info : Grown by a complete newbie (me) Day 35 from Seed Coco Coir / Perlite 70/30 mix in 3 gallon fabric pots 1000W HPS currently on day 7 of flower Current tent conditions : 89F 38% humidity (wish I could get my temp lower) 2 air circulation fans, one 460CFM extraction fan...
  3. D

    Tip yellowing - 1st timer

    Hi look at my plant it started developing weird spots what can i do to keep the plant alive and reduce the spread on these?
  4. S

    Bright yellow patch on tip of buds?

    Hi all new here hope your all well .i could do with a little advice i've dona bit of digging but can't find anything about it...anyway ive noticed a few buds have little bright yellow flecks/patches on the tips..will get photo any ideas what may cause this as want nip it in the bud lol 2 plant...
  5. G

    Tech tip needed now

    ok guys need a little advice I am a small medi grower my problem is nitro toxisety were my leave tips are curling down so I ddi a ph 6.5 flush now should I wait a day or two before adding nutes or same day nutes ? in the past I have allways waited a few days anybody got a tip for a ole hippie
  6. E

    Cloning Questions

    OK - so I am almost 2 months into my first ever grow. The girls are doing quite well despite all my mistakes. I have kept my two oldest at 18/6 lighting because I read that I needed to wait at least two months before trying to clone... It is finally time. Now I have been reading everything...
  7. photos

    Photo's quick and easy pictorial guide on tip turning - Uneclipse your tips!

    ok ,so the plant pictured and used for illustrative purposes is a photos bred strain called "buster". it has been topped . But what we are going to concentrate on is "tip turning". getting all your tips towards the light.
  8. I

    Start of my LST

    Does it look like i did this right put a tac at tip of pot then tied yarn around plant and hooked to tac
  9. F

    Raids Based On Anonymous Tips

    Just saw that a fairly prominent figure recently got their home raided based on an anonymous tip so I went to google news and typed in "marijuana raid" and there's a lot of them. Strange thing is that they're all based on anonymous tips. In my opinion this shouldn't be allowed in the U.S...
  10. Light Addict

    LA's really quick guide to tip spreading for node stacking!

    Hey folks this is a simple one to say the least! So were trying to get the most out of our gardens. So think about how to maximize every basic your using. This leads to my little trick of simply opening up the closed tip foliage of each colas site repeatedly by hand. This process could...