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    Abandoned Sensa's First Grow Journal - 250W HPS & LED Setup - 2016

    Hi there guys, A while ago i found a bagseed in a bag of what was supposed to be kush. Since it was end march, start of april i decided i'd give growing it a go. I wasn't in for too much of a hassle thinking it would just be a plant on a windowsill, being watered daily and iven no nutes...
  2. Perfect Sun LED

    Three tips to grow better buds

    So, these three tips are in the video. In case videos are your thing, the tips are basically... 1. Be sure the plants gets enough light, especially when it is young. Not enough life = a midget plant, as you can see in the video. I explain how and why it happened. 2. If you use HPS for the...
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