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tips on growing

  1. Hypopotodog

    First grow 2x 8 Ball Kush - Need advice and tips please!

    Hello people just signed up today and super excited to mix with you all and learn some more! Basically I'm posting because I'd like reviews of my current set up so that I can improve it as much as possible. I will post some piccies at the bottom of this post for you all to see :) It's a...
  2. bigblunts209

    Closet grow first time Help?

    so i got 3 gdp clones in 4gallon buckets and 3 random seeds about 1 1/2 weeks in. they are under a supercharged t8 fluorescent and 4 x 100w equivalent cfls. im on a budget so i put foil on the wall behind them. i have one 5 in fan blowing across all the plants. i need any tips on making this...
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