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  1. Yellow Tips & a Curl

    Yellow Tips & a Curl

  2. 20180501_222447 (2).jpg

    20180501_222447 (2).jpg

  3. Arandombeast

    Should it have more room?

    I have researched the hell out of this, and wanted to get it right the first time because my space is so very limited in a small two room apartment. I've been reading that a properly tented plant should have about a 2ft by 2ft floor space unless employing the sea of green method. I grew three...
  4. Basement Prod

    Durban Poison first grow and potential issue

    Hi I am new. Starting to grow Durban Poison, plant is currently one week old and one leaf is showing discoloration at the tips and the tips are starting to curl up a little. May just be paranoid or maybe the start of something not sure. Growing in soil in a solo cup under a 20 watt CFL about 5...
  5. G

    Early flowering - Sick plant - What is wrong?

    I have an auto flowering purple mazar which has me confused as to what the source of my errors are. I think, potentially a combination of overwatering and nute burn (N). New leafs are drooping at the ends, with brown tips. old leaves are either drooping & brown tips or curled upwards with brown...
  6. J

    RDWC help

    Hello I'm just finishing of my last grow and looking for a change ATM I'm running 4 424 nfts im not really getting on with nft and fancy a change so was thinking of rdwc so 1 can I run a water chiller of the res 2 best nutes for dwc any tips and advise
  7. T

    Burning tips with plain water

    I'm pulling my plant a bit early due to upcoming life circumstances and having some slight issues. A over a week ago I ran a gallon of extra water through my coco. Next day gave molasses water then re-upped on my microherd and gave molasses water two days more. Now I'm just giving it distilled...
  8. R


    First time grow. Have a grow tent, fan, filter... Would appreciate any helpful tips. I am retired, 61 years young
  9. potanna

    Last stage flowering - Tips?

    hey guys, i am growing strawberry sour diesel and i am on the last days on flowering. i flushed half a week ago, and i was wondering if there are any tips just before i harvest. i heard not to water the plant some days before harvest to produce better yield.
  10. M


    I'm a first time grower and wondering if any one has any tips they wouldn't need mind sharing on growing white widow and Jack Herer Thank you
  11. H

    Gelato strain grow tips please

    Please guys need help on growing gelato strain!! Any yield info. Veg. Bloom. Tips. Much appreciated.
  12. M

    Brown leaf tips

    Hi I am a first time grower and not sure of somethings. I have 4 Early Miss growing in a 3x3 rent. The plants are 5 weeks from seed and I have been using fox farms grow big every 2nd watering and ff big bloom in very small amounts..1/4 tsp in per half gallon. The tips have been brown for a week...
  13. M


    Having some issues with newly acquired plants starting to yellow on tips and also getting crunchy on a few leaf tips watered daily with ro and using fox farm ocean forest not sure what's going on any help would be appreciated.
  14. P

    Tips for a new grower? A month into my first grow

    This is my first post on here so if it’s not in the right spot just let me know, any tips would be appreciated if someone could point me in the direction of a simple closet cfl grow guide that would be great also. Photos to follow
  15. G

    Pimp My Grow Plan

    Yo my fellow stoners :cheer2:. So i decided to grow myself for the first time. I have been researching stuff for a month or two extensively. I want you guys to take a look at my plan and give me tips on how i can improve it. I have some questions i couldn't answer through research. Gonna buy...
  16. G

    Goldylox's First Grow 3x3 1000W LED DWC

    Hey Everyone! Going to document my first grow experience right here for you guys to follow along with. My girlfriend and I are daily smokers, and that is expensive over the course of time, as many of you know! So we've decided to clear a section out of our walk in closet and throw up a 3x3...
  17. S

    First time grower

    sup ! i'm going on seedling day 15, I'm Using DWC bucket and i noticed I already got many side branching, Hope to get any comments if it's ok or just some tips maybe? 2nd question is i'm using a 150w led light, how far should I keep it from the top of the plant? thanks!! p.s, how can I...
  18. LadyGaea

    Yellowing leaves with browning on tips well into flower...advice please?

    Good morning! Having a problem I hope someone with more experience can assist with. I am growing several sativa/indica hybrids which are all displaying the same issue. Yellowing fan leaves and browning tips. Not a lot but enough for concern. They are in 5 gallon cloth pots with Fox Farm Ocean...
  19. H

    1st grow any tips how long left?

    How long do people think I have left on the budding ones?
  20. Network23


    Hello, :Namaste: I'm the new one! :3: Look forward to interesting conversations with you and useful tips in the Forum :volcano-smiley:
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