titan flo n gro

  1. Treehorn

    First Time Grower, jumping right in w/ Titan hydro

    Got the desire to grow, so with a supportive wife and Craigslist and a few bucks, I got myself a 5 x 5 tent, 1000w Light and ballast, The Titan System with expansion (18 sites, I am using only 6) and seems everything is working and waiting on beans in 'plain brown wrapper' as they say...
  2. N

    Completed Titan Controls - Flo n Gro Pineapple Express First Journal

    Welcome all who visit my journal! All comments,tips,questions, and so on are appreciated and I will do my best to help those who ask. THE GROW ROOMS- I have three separate rooms mother/clone(8x8) ,veg(10x12), and flower(10x20). It took me a bit to get where I am now. When I started I...
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