1. Ron Strider

    Canada: Titan Hemp Partners To Form New Bioplastics Company

    Titan Hemp has formed a joint venture with Green Growers Technology Alliance (GGTA) to create a new company, Titan BioPlastics — a manufacturing and development entity focused on creating plant-based composites and products for a wide variety of manufacturing applications, including packaging...
  2. VaporStore

    VaporStore Giveaway: VaporTower And Titan II Hebe Vaporizer Package

    Who does not like FREE stuff? Sign up to win the Nextgen VaporTower and Titan II Hebe Vaporizer package! SIGN UP HERE
  3. VaporStore

    Titan II Hebe - Special Offer For 420 Magazine Members From VaporStore

    Special offer for 420 Magazine Members. While supplies last!
  4. VaporStore

    Hebe Titan II Vaporizer - 20% Total Savings!

    Hebe by Titan Vaporizer - Normally $80. Use discount code on site for 10% off and log in when you make your order for a 10% credit to future purchases. Titan II Vaporizer by Hebe | VaporStore.com
  5. Treehorn

    Ebb & Flow - but for how long?

    Got the Titan system and getting ready to place babies in their buckets in a week or so. The Titan is supposed to fill each bucket and drain them. As many times a day as I tell it to. Some say 3 x a day, some say 4. The buckets fill and empty. The question I have is... how long do I let them sit...
  6. Treehorn

    Abandoned Treehorn's Grow - Season One - Fall 2013

    Welcome to the journal for my first grow. The grow is ambitious to say the least. I am aware of the complications and don't know what I don't know - My first serious grow. The specs are: Treehorn Season One - Fall 2013 Featuring: Red Dragon Pineapple Chunk Afgan Kush Northern Lights...
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