1. shugs420

    TMV flowering plants

    Plants are going into week 5 of flower and have yet to show much bud formation, I've been wondering why they haven't been growing much in flower and been narrowing the possibilities down. After I have tried about everything I can think of my conclusion is that my dumb ass gave the plants TMV...
  2. TMV canopy

    TMV canopy

    These girls aren't going to yeild much
  3. Clear TMV sign

    Clear TMV sign

    Leaf discolouration showing signs of TMV
  4. Week 5 flowers of TMV infected plant

    Week 5 flowers of TMV infected plant

    Barley showing after 5 weeks (bag seeds, poor genetics)
  5. Possible TMV

    Possible TMV

    Slow growth, leave cup, harvest diminished.
  6. C

    Possibly TMV problem

    Hello guys, I've decided to make my own post, since I haven't found anything that might help me, across the google search results and also on our threads. So as in the tittle, I suspect the TMV for a long time now. I was worried about this weeks ago, and I'm worried now. But I've decided...
  7. T

    What is happening to swim's plant?

    hi everyone, swim is a relatively new grower and needs some help swim has got multiple plants, most of them fine, but one of them has shown a particularly slow growth, and has started showing some more symptoms recently swim has looked over the internet but has found multiple possible...
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