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  1. SweetSue

    6-Day Sensitization Protocol: Resetting The Tolerance Levels

    Amy Gardner and I have decided to support each other as we traverse through Dr. Sulak's method to sensitize the ECS when it gets overwhelmed by overindulgence. Typically we slowly ramp it up until we realize we're burning through the inventory. A gentle reboot will reset the system at a much...
  2. E

    Marijuana tolerance for schizophrenia

    I'm curious about what would happen to a schizophrenic/mental health patient like myself if I were to consistently smoke weed. Since people can build tolerance for weed I'm guessing that the effects are not intense like picking it once in a while. My question is would the psychotic effects...
  3. TheBlaze

    Tolerance level

    I've only been smoking daily for about 3 years now. I've noticed my tolerance level doesn't increase progressively as you would expect. Instead, my tolerance will stay the same for a long time and then will suddenly increase by quite a bit. For instance, For the last year 2 bong rips would have...