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    Virgin grower's first post

    Hello, I am an old fart (64 yrs) that hasn't smoked for 25-26 years. I grow really good hydroponic tomatoes in my backyard green house. It is 20' x 20' and the neighbors are all conservative Republicans. I want to "hide" one plant in the middle of the tomatoes. The green house is open on two...
  2. K

    Go Crazy For This Caprese Salad From MagicalButter

    When it comes to kicking off your dinner with a fancy feel, nothing beats a fresh Caprese salad. Not only is it simple to make, but it also packs a flavorful punch to the palate while staying on the healthier side of the menu. Mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil mingle wonderfully in this...
  3. K

    NJ Marijuana Laws Should Allow For Weed Warriors To Get In On The Green Rush

    Imagine, for a moment, if tomatoes were banned in New Jersey. Yep. For the last 70 years or so, tomatoes were an illegal crop. Of course, this would upset a good number of people, and plenty of New Jerseyans would see fit to break the law and buy tomatoes on the black market. After all...
  4. smokers420

    Some Choice Tomatoes

    This was a great year for my Tomatoes. This is one day's pick from my organic garden.
  5. Goodvibes93

    Hello Family!

    I'm new to this first time growing tomatoes and excited!!