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  1. G

    Is this a pollen sac on a flowering auto female?

    This auto cbd white widow never got going and may produce 10 dry grams of popcorn buds. I'm chopping her up tomorrow. Anyway, are these pollen sacs in the pic below.
  2. G

    Flush tomorrow or in 2 weeks

    I've gotta leave for the holidays...here is my budding plant. I have no experience and no magnifying device. The small bud pics are the outter buds/smaller. Should I start the flush tomorrow so I can chop down next Friday before I leave or should I just wait for 2 more weeks before I flush...
  3. T

    Drug test tomorrow

    i havent smoked for 15 days and was told today by a new employer that i have a drug test tomorrow to go work at the site c dam. seeing as i havent smoked for 15 ddays and my last job i was sweting like crazy in the sun, today i also hit the sauna for 2 hrs to sweat any toxins out also the...
  4. S

    Every hour it gets worse don't know

    help. what's going on. at this rate my plant will be dead by tomorrow.
  5. V

    Help! Pre employment screen tomorrow!

    Help! I have a pre employment drug screen tomorrow and I smoked twice, once on the 18th and also on the 19th of this month. The last time I smoked was a year ago. It just so happens this job fell in my lap last week and now I have have a screen. I took a home test yesterday and I got both lines...
  6. steppedinds

    1/2" barbed ball valve for vinyl tubing

    Anybody know where I could find one of these local? Lowe's and Home Depot were a no go. I'm going to try the pet stores tomorrow. It's for my auto top-feed system and the first few halos are getting a little bit too much pressure. Going out of town tomorrow night so can't order them online...
  7. I

    I need help asap

    I smoke one bowl yesterday but I have a drug test tomorrow. I'm going to use one shot concentrate tomorrow. what are my chances of passing
  8. W

    Taking a piss test tomorrow, will I be safe?

    I am a 19 year old female, 5'4", 200lbs. I recently got a job that required a drug test.I quit smoking a week before the first test. Two days before the first drug test I took a home test and passed. I drank a shit ton of water and used fruit pectin the day of, just to be sure, and passed...
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