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  1. Bill the Cat

    Bill the Cat's Barney's Farm Sweet Tooth & Dutch Passion Seeds Auto Mazar Coco Grow

    Hi all. Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas. Time for a new grow, so here goes. Barneys' Farm Sweet Tooth Dutch Passion Auto Mazar 2 x 2.5 Gorilla Lite tent. 1 Mars Hydro 300 watt LED 1 Mars Hydro II 400 watt LED 2 gal. sq. pots Coco w/ 35% perlite AN Jungle Juice Micro and Bloom AN bloom...
  2. TwoBirdStoned

    Need advice on seed source and some strain info - Trainwreck and Sweet Tooth

    :volcano-smiley: I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some primo smoke! :cheer2: Anyone have a good seed source for Trainwreck and Sweet Tooth? If I could order from the same place that would be awesome. Also, how is the yield for Trainwreck and Sweet Tooth? Are they a good...
  3. rattlerr

    Sweet Tooth & CR+ Strains

    Sweet tooth from barneys farm and CR+ strain but i cannot remember the breeders name both plants are at 6 weeks of flowering and still need an additional week of time to fully mature.Plus their is an image of my Sour Diesel in veg.
  4. Jimbory

    Jimbory's SCROG - Cookies Kush & Utopia Haze Under LED

    Greetings 420mag!:420: It has been a while since my last journal, but I am glad to be back with some more experience and with proper genetics (or so I hope). Let me tell you in short about my last endeavours: My first grow, as can be seen in my sig, was a success. Out of six bag seeds I got 4...
  5. M

    Sweet Tooth Auto under Mars II LED

    Just took a few pics of my sweet tooth auto. Still has about 1 week to finish. My yields got hit hard from fungus gnat infection at the start (fixed with dipel and sticky tape). My first grow under mars II leds. I got other plants too but she is the first to get ready. 61 days from seed...