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  1. B

    Good tea for PK boost?

    What up growbros! What do you guys think about a simple tea to help boost the P and K or my girls during weeks 3,4,5 of flower? Was thinking about per gallon to add 1 Tbsp of DTE Langbeanite (0-0-21.5) 1 Tbsp DTE seabird guano (0-11-0) 1/2 Tbsp DTE Azomite (for trace minerals and such) 1 Tbsp...
  2. CD5A7249-C495-4CDE-9192-5EB4A8E7C58F.jpeg


    Hindu Kush topped
  3. Bubble Gum Clone

    Bubble Gum Clone

    Taken from top of female Bubble Gum
  4. T

    Are my plants healthy?

    My dad mowed the lawns near my plants are my plants ok also I've just feed them and top them are they looking alright
  5. George Mc

    How many times should I top a photoperiod Black Indica plant?

    How many times should I top a black Indica plant?
  6. 1

    Seed came up on top of the soil

    Hello guys, so i germinated a seed and it cracked around 24h then i planted it (i think to shallow) and the next day i saw the seed on top of the soil (not sprout, just laying there). I planted it again, this time a little deeper. Can it survive? Why did it came on top of the soil?
  7. D

    Homemade DWC auto top up

  8. Y

    Sour Diesel LST - Forum opinions on my LST baby

    Hey guys. I wanted to hear from you guys about my baby , 39 days from seed. what do you think? does it look healty or do you guys have any opinions to make it more efficient? Sour Diesel feminised from ilgm september 3 sprout topped two times ~210 w cfl - 18/6 schedule bio bizz...
  9. Y

    1st Grow White Russian 1.20mx1.20mx2.00m 600W HPS

    Hello to all members, growers and smokers, I just recently bought my setup which is: - Tent: 1,20m X 1,20m X 2,00m m=meters - Lamp/reflector: Agrolite 600W Hps - Extractor: 2, one for sending cold air in the lower hole and one on the top taking hot air out, with a probe and...
  10. K

    I believe these 2 buds are ready but look at the back and top of plant

    Day 65 of flowering on this Sour Diesel plant. Grown outdoors in a large pot. 1st two photos are of two buds I think are ready. But look at the next photos of the same plant just of branches from the back and top. Is it a hermmie? But I thought males developed sooner than...
  11. T

    To top or not to top

    I'll be starting an indoor grow of a hybrid from CKS called White Cookies. Planning on doing just 3 at a time as my space is roughly only 6sq/ft. I'll be using LEDs so I can put the light fairly close to the canopy(12-24 inches). Would topping or FIMing my plants in such a small space be...
  12. B

    Broke top of plant off - Can I save the top?

    Hello all, I broke the top of a plant off trying to knuckle it..how can I save the top? Thanks in advance
  13. W

    First time mainlining and I need help already

    I have 3 NL's and 2 Great White Shark's that I decided to try mainlining.Cut the stem last week and topped down to the third node on both sides.Now I'm supposed to wait for 4 nodes to grow out but I only see 2.I have pictures but I'm working on how to go about posting them. Now the way I...
  14. S

    Plants dying need help

    Have these plants in 5 gallon buckets have been using advanced nutrients since start. Hydroponic grow in hydroton. Not sure what's causing my leaves to turn yellow and die up top. Lower leaves seem fine. Two of the plants leaves are turning yellow leaves are curling down and their tips are browning.
  15. 1

    Top of the plant not flowering

    Hello, i have a lowryder #2, she is 37 days old and i have a problem: the very top of the plant is not growing any pistils even do the rest of the plant is fine. Strain - lowryder #2 # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Flower Setup - Light - 200w cfl Nutrients - random stuff...
  16. Mrblunts420

    Frankenbox CFL grow update

    17 days old looking great I have done my first topping starting to get alot of noticable root growth on the top part of soil not sure if that is good or bad.. should i add some more soil to the top of container to cover exposed roots? the only concern i have is the droopiness of the...
  17. B

    A couple questions about harvesting with pictures

    A couple questions about harvesting... How many of you harvest a plant in one day or do you harvest multiple days (top down) What is the longest you have waited to chop lower buds? Currently chopped top 1/3 of plant, 2 days later chopped another 1/3 and now 2 days later debating on chopping...
  18. H

    Most potent seed banks

    Hey guys Was just curious as to which seed banks have given you the most potent seeds. I'm using crop king and they looked good but I also want to shop around To find that top top shelf! Preferably opinions from growers who have use multiple seed banks therefore they can give an honest...
  19. mouser

    Clothes Dryer - Stealth Concept Build

    I was just tossing around ideas for a stealth set up at my nieces house....she's in MA where its legal to grow, but her living situation might cause her problems so... I am a commercial laundry appliance technician by trade so old dead dryers are common. The idea here is to gut the...
  20. Meek246unruly

    I have a male with trichomes and few hair at the top of the plant

    i have some Kalahnikova plants from greenhouse seeds and I crossed them with a sour diesel male.now the f1 hybrid vigor seed from those too.i get few males with trichomes and hair at the top of the males.and those male hermaphrodites or do some male naturally do that THANKS...
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