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    Nothern Colorado Outoor TopSkunk44 harvest pics

    ... More images to come after 1 week in drying room.:peace:
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    New Space - New Clones - Advice Appreciated

    I have some pictures of my new space and some clones I wanted to share with you guys and girls ;). Ive been super busy and havn't had alot of time to maintain things well. Im starting to see my lack of effort to show big time. I currently have 2 mother plants on the verge of disaster and will...
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    100% Virgin Grower

    Fellow citizens to 420Nation. Fellow Tokers. Lets first start by :rollit:....ok: The time has finally come for my first ever attempt at a grow. I have spent the past month or so poking around 420magazine.com reading each one of your grow journals. :reading420magazine: It was each one of you...
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